The One With Last Day At Greenland


So now it has dawned on us, the final day in Greenland. It was a brilliant morning; the sun shines, the sky blues, the spirit cheers. I have been incredibly lucky with the weather, for it has been raining for a solid three weeks prior to my arrival.

A lucky penny, I am.

Ilulissat Kangerlua

As I type this, I am sitting right next to the water (well, almost), watching the icebergs drifting by. Those which made it this far from the glacier had indeed been greatly reduced in size, yet they are still of formidable size. It is one of the many great natural wonder which I am fortunate enough to have an upclose encounter with.

Hvide Falk Buffet

There are many things which I learned from Greenland. The beautiful, friendly people, who has all the time in the world to be extremely hospitable and helpful, even if you are a clueless Asian wondering pass their homes. The beautiful, though sometime biting, weather. The soaring sun amongst the white/black/grey icebergs did wonder to the battled heart of this city boy. The incredibly array of food, some beautiful, some tried to be, all aspire to be at their Greenlandic best.

The Excursion to Ilimanaq

But the most important lesson I learned from my Greenland experience was how, more often than not, we city dwellers took things for granted. The locals get by with very few, the Danish came here to offer a helping hand though often lacking themselves. Foreigners, some from as far as Philippines and Italy, first intended to make Greenland a “pit stop” and ended staying here for decades. All proclaimed that they are “stuck with Greenland” but truth was, they were never meant to leave. And they did not want to.

Sights of Disko Bay

For the splendor of Greenland is one of a kind in the world. Its beauty, expressed through the mountain range, the icebergs, the stone cold water, the people and the food, can be truly experienced only if you are here. There are only so much travel writings can tell you.

Sights of Disko Bay

Greenland, for all its vastness and rich details, deserves more than just a few penned words.

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