The One With Kalok Restaurant – My Fav Neighbourhood Chinese Joint

In the blink of an eye, it has been half a year since I moved out from Sheung Wan. I do love my new place in Happy Valley, but there is something about the unpredictability of Sheung Wan which tugs at my heartstrings. The dingy back alleys, ubiquitous bars, hazardous wet markets and rowdy char chan teng are just some of the oddities of this westerly town on Hong Kong island which one might want to pay a visit.

Of the last oddity, I loved Kalok Restaurant the most. I lost count the number of times I had my breakfast, lunch, dinner and meals in between, alone and with friends. At the best of time the waiters are loud, rude and of questionable hygiene, but it was the food which I fell in love with. It was nothing fancy, but for a Chinese-styled cafe standard, they are good and reasonably priced.

Here are some of my top picks:

French Toasts

Lunch @ Kalok Restaurant

I blogged about this before and I had to blog about this again. The French Toast at Kalok is my absolute favorite. Two pieces of bread spread with peanut butter, fried with egg, served with a healthy dollop of melting butter and enough golden honey to drown a colony of bees. Every bite is a calorie-laden heaven.

Deep Fried Bean Curd With Minced Meat Sauce

Lunch @ Kalok Restaurant

I have no idea what this is called in English, and my friends can never find this item on Kalok’s menu (they are pages and pages of ala carte dishes available). However in Cantonese, it is pronounced as “goh qiu tau foo“, which literally means “cross the bridge tofu”. The golden brown egg bean curds are deep fried to a crispy finish, and the minced meat sauce is a thick concoction of peppers and what-have-yous. Perfect to go with a bowl of white rice; on my gluttonous days I can finish this whole thing on my own.

Beef Hor Fun

Lunch @ Kalok Restaurant

Thick rice noodle stir fried with beef. A simple Cantonese fare, but I like it when the rice noodle came out not drenched in oil, and beef slices tender. This may not come as a high call, but you’ll be surprised how many places did this wrong – too much oil, too chewy of the beef, too salty etc etc etc. For that extra ooomph, go with generous helping of the various chilli sauce options available. I recommend the chilli oil.

Verdict? If you find yourself to be in Sheung Wan area and fancy cheap, good eats, head over to Kalok. You won’t be disappointed. Just excuse the rowdy waiters and overly loud television, and lose yourself in a book.

Kalok Restaurant
G/F, Bonham Trade Centre
50 Bonham Strand East , Sheung Wan
2623 3070

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