The One With Heirloom – Hip Mexican Fare

I overheard about Heirloom quite sometime back, but more of a breakfast cum brunch kinda a place. So when it popped up in an SCMP’s article about Mexican joints in the city, I was pleasantly surprised. Since then I have tore out in the entire article and pinned it to my wall, as reminder to myself to check out these places out one day.

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

Obviously, the day came way sooner than I thought. It was late Saturday afternoon and I needed a place for lunch at Sheung Wan. I thought, why not?

So I walked my way in the hot, humid weather to Heirloom and wasn’t entirely pleased to find the place was packed and the upstairs seatings were not open. Had no choice but to wait under the sweltering heat (urgh!) but lucky for me, some twenty minutes a large table was made vacant, so I plonked myself onto the generous seat, ordered a beer and settled in with a book while waiting for my lunch companion to turn up.

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

While waiting (it was a rather long wait, ehem), I couldn’t help but notice the little details that went into the design of Heirloom. Decked in black, beige and other decidedly neutral colours, Heirloom projects a very understated setting but in a very classy way. The chandelier on the ceiling was a clue, so is the beautiful, beautiful toilet. You have to check it out.

And so it was time for food! We decided to order quite a few small-portioned dishes to try.

Tacos Platter (HK$120 for four)

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

I have been forewarned that the tacos at Heirloom will be small, but I couldn’t help but to gasp at how small it really was. Yet on top of these four pieces of tacos were four different, well thought-out combination of ingredients, each bursting with flavour yet told a different story.

(From top left, clockwise)

The Fisherman – Prawns with chipotle, black beans and avocado. The smokey aftertaste was daringly paired with the fresh, almost-taste-like-boiled prawns, which went down a treat with the herbs, and chilli. Yes, there was a spicy twist to it.

The American – BBQ pork rib with coleslaw. Deceptively simple, but it was anything but. The hearty pork rib was rich and satisfying when paired with the coleslaw. It was like… the spirit of America captured in a taco.

Festival of Flavors Balinese Fish Taco – My absolute favorite, and rightfully so. The white fish of the day was sublime, a fresh, tangy change from the other tacos. When mixed with the coriander-kaffir lime dressing, it is like your best McFillet-o-Fish, only a thousand times better. It is imperative that anyone who visits Heirloom must order this dish.

Carnitas – Slow braised pork with pickled onions. Widely acclaimed as the most authentic taco in Hong Kong, this packed a powerful explosion of flavour in a deceptive combination of pork and onion. I didn’t like how difficult it was to cut this into halves (probably not the right way to eat taco anyway), but apart from the mess, this was divine.

Mexican Street Corn (HK$55)

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

Now this was an appetiser made for sharing. A roasted whole corn with coriander mayo-lime, cheese & chilli, and what a surprise. I hardly imagine this cheese & chilli combo would work well with something sweet like corn, but it did! See how the corn husks at the end were knotted? It made eating this corn less messy than it would have been otherwise.

Ashton’s Guacamole (HK$75)

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

One of the better guacamole I ever had. The mix of avocado and lime were refreshing to go with the crispy, fragrant tortilla chips. The pomegranate was quite a surprise addition to me, but I reckon I had not seen too many different types of guacamole. Needless to say we scoop up every last bit… even after all the tortillas were gone.

Sweet Potato Fries (HK$35)

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

I was keen to try this one after the epic beet root fries at Brickhouse, but after all the other sensational food I have described above, the sweet potato fries was a little bland and tasted just like that – sweet potatoes. Not bad, but nothing exceptional.

Saturday Lunch at Heirloom

Verdict? If you like a touch of class to go with your tacos, together with some great guacamole, Heirloom is the spot to be at.

226 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan
2547 8008

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