The One With Cooking For Family #CookForFamily

What does cooking for your family mean to you?

To me, there are two parts to this question. One is of course on what constitute as cooking. To a man who has been living on his own for some 13 years, the term “cooking” can be very… subjective ;)

It could be a sumptuous spread like the amazing dishes my mom and aunt could conjure out of the family kitchen back home:

Family Dinner!

A dinner at home always have these: steamed chicken, meat ball soup, some sort of cooked vegetables, and that sauce! I don’t even know what’s the name of that magical herb, but it always, always perk me up when I eat at home.

Colours of Home

Of course, cooking for family goes beyond the type of food we eat. It is also time spent together bickering and chatting in the kitchen, preparing, chopping and cooking food over hours on end to put dinner on the table. It is nice to eat out, but nothing beats the feeling of togetherness when my family cook and eat at home.

It has been some time since all my family members are able to be at the same place at the same time to do this. I certainly do miss the time, but everyone has their own lives now. While we may move on from those time, we will not move away from each other.

Which brings me to the subject of “family”. In my years of living abroad, it comes as no surprise that my friends are like family to me.

HK Family CNY Dinner

Sometime, we order in and eat together at home. Does that count as “cooking for family”? Okay maybe that’s more like “ordering in for family“, but it is the thought that counts, no? We still bickered and laughed over the unpacking and washing up.

Family will be family ;)

Hairy Crab 2010 V1

So on this day for #CookForFamily, instead of eating out, try cooking for your family and loved ones. Make some time to sit down at the same table, share food and talk. Like really talk. In our busy lives we often lose sight of what’s important.

Sometimes it really pay to take a step back from what is “normal” to you and do the really “normal” thing.

P.S.: Actually, I did cook a sumptuous meal at home, but I accidentally deleted the photos, so I couldn’t post what I really did. Ahhh… too late now. But the spirit remains!

P.P.S.: This #CookForFamily thing is more of a Singaporean food blogger thing, but the few of us in Hong Kong – namely Janice, Michelle, Gary and I – decided to bring some local flavour to the mix. Yes, we are cool that way :)

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  3.  You are welcomed! Thanks for reaching to us in HK!

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