The One With Blue Lagoon, Iceland

blue lagoon

It was difficult not to gasp at the wonder that was the Blue Lagoon.

When I first touched down at Iceland airport, the weather wasn’t promising. Dark clouds rolled across the sky, disastrously complete with a light drizzle and strong wind. It was hard to believe this was Iceland in summer.

The dire sights along the countryside didn’t help my spirit. Miles after miles of jaggered black stones and dull green moss made me wonder why some tourists put Iceland as one of their top destinations.

But that changed with my first sight of Blue Lagoon.

The turquoise blue water stood in stark contrast with the dark stones. As I lowered myself into the water, I inhaled in appreciation at how warm the water was. My fellow bathers swam, soaked and splashed in delight, seemingly ignorant of the chilly weather.

It was certainly an experience of a lifetime. As I wallowed in the mineral-rich water, enjoying my (free) silica mud mask and sipping on Egils Gull beer (served right at the pool bar!), I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude that, yes, I was indeed lucky to be able to make it here.

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