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The One With Summer Palace – Elegant Restaurant, Mediocre Fare

It has been months since my dinner experience at the Summer Palace at the Shangri-la. Back then the weather has just started to carry pleasant, wintery chill, when you’ll be excused to take the flamboyant quota up a notch with trendy jackets and stylish scarfs.

Not the horrible, horrible humid summer we are all experiencing right now, when the only piece of clothing you will want to wear is, well, nothing.

Early Christmas Dinner At Summer Palace

Back to Summer Palace. It was an early Christmas dinner, a celebration of sorts. Back then, I didn’t know this was a potential Michelin-starred restaurant. But I should have known. With it’s elegant banquet hall styled up with Chinese arts on gold embossed walls, it evokes in mind the splendid grandeur of Hong Kong’s Chinese heritage. Everything at Summer Palace is never understated, from its ornately carved wood panels to sparkling silverware and oriental teacups.

In fact, so much so that it indeed get awarded a Michelin star in 2012, a recognition indeed!

We ordered the set dinner for two, which serves some of the best highlights of the restaurant as recommended by many foodies. It took quite a while before the first dish was served, so we amused ourselves with our early Christmas presents :D

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