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The One With Last Day At Greenland


So now it has dawned on us, the final day in Greenland. It was a brilliant morning; the sun shines, the sky blues, the spirit cheers. I have been incredibly lucky with the weather, for it has been raining for a solid three weeks prior to my arrival.

A lucky penny, I am.

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The One With Ilulissat Kangerlua – The Hike To Holms Bakke

I didn’t believe it at first.

When one of the tour guides told me yesterday how Ilulissat Kangerlua produces icebergs everyday, pushing them down into the sea, some times choking up the entire Disko Bay making it impossible for boats to pass, therefore a threat to tourism. I looked around the gigantic icebergs floating lazily around me, and I thought, well, it couldn’t get any worse than this.

Hiking Trail in Ilulissat

So today we went off to a thrilling hike from Ilulissat Kangia, which will take us all the way up the mountain to see the Icefjord. The starting point was at this old helipad at the outskirt of town, which was a snap to get to by taxi from our hotel. Plenty of tourists were congregating at the base station, so I thought, well, there’s certainly strength in number, so there is little risk hiking up a mountain in Greenland, right?

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