The One With The Wolseley – Iconic High Tea In London

Whenever I go on holiday, I tend to treat myself like a prince. Not that I have the ability to splurge like one, but I do think when you are on holiday, it is unfortunate if you have to scrimp to get by with too little money.

I mean, aren’t you supposed to save up for a holiday? What’s the point to be watching your spending all the time and feel miserable for missing out?

So this was one afternoon in London when I was with the best travel buddy a man could have (hello Liping!). We just did some window shopping at Harrods (ok, so that was a bit out of my price range, but I am no fan of shopping anyways), and had the odd hour to spare before our broadway show (Legally Blonde!), so we did what some lady-who-lunches would do.

We did The Wolseley.

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

It was hard not to be impressed by the splendour of The Wolseley the moment you walk in. With its vaulted ceilings, polished marble and art deco interior, The Worseley exudes an old school charm in a very polished, modern way. I was told even that, if I was lucky, I might even spot the odd celebrity.

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

Being the walk-ins that we were, of course there were no tables for us. The professional waiter told us we could hang out at the bar while we wait for a table. So we did.

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

And of course, I had to have a beer. Hey, I was on a holiday.

Minutes passed and as the alcohol kicked in on our empty stomaches, we decided to wing it and had our tea right at the bar.

The Wolseley Afternoon Tea (£21.00)

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

I would be the first to admit I didn’t know the nuances of what high tea is and isn’t. To me, high tea reminds me of everything England – quaint, regal, understated, heavy and (dare I say it) pretentious. I never had it in Hong Kong (I heard the one at The Peninsula can be a major disappointment), so I was more than eager to chalk up my gastronomical experience right here at The Worseley.

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

And what is there not to like? Assorted finger sandwiches, fruit scones complete with home made jam and clotted cream and selection of rich-tasting pastries served in a stylish three-tiered tray. I am no expert when it comes to desserts, but these satisfied the foodie in me.

And here’s the odd thing. We spotted something on the menu and though it was incredibly odd to have that at tea time, we still did it!

Jersey Rocks 1/2 Oysters (£11.25)

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

Woooo how stylish can we get? We were really tai-tai in the making. Okay, so the oysters weren’t something to really shout about, but it made us felt like, well, queens for the day.

Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

Verdict? If you are in London and fancy a little pampering with some posh, authentic high tea, The Wolseley would hit the spot nicely.

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly
W1J 9EB, London
United Kingdom

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