The One With Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill – Fearsome Fiery Wings

American diners done well are really few and far in between. Balancing between the perfect food and awesome deco, to be able to pull it off on an island as densely populated as Singapore must have been a Herculean feat.

Jerry's BBQ & Grills

To top that off, Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill was highly recommended by one of my favourite foodie in town, So of course I had to pay a visit, despite the intense humidity and all-engulfing heat that was the local weather that night.

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

Located along the bohemian boulevard that was Club Street, the restaurant would be hard to miss. Boldly decked out in blue and red, Jerry’s stood out a mile even amongst the trendy pubs and fashionable stores around the area. Once inside, I wasn’t disappointed to discover the place lived up the American spirit with US-themed posters and cheekily phrased signs covering its walls.

And the food? Well we are about to find out.

Deep Fried Mushrooms (S$10.95)

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

A signature dish of Jerry’s, these button mushrooms arrived at the table piping hot. And I do mean really hot; you are better off waiting for five minutes before taking your first bite. Even then, do so cautiously. For within its special batter lightly fried to a crispy, golden perfection lies mushrooms so juicy, you can’t help but wondered if they soak the whole damn thing in something before frying. Go slow, and light with the tartar sauce. Savour the natural flavour of the mushrooms. This, my friend, was a definite winner.

Buffalo Wings ($12.95 for half a dozen)

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

No visit to Jerry’s would be complete without having a go at its buffalo wings. These were offered in three levels of spiciness, depending on your ability to withstand torture and excruciating pain. I am kidding, of course, but only just. Being the adventurous us, we ordered two pieces of each – Smoking, Intensi-Fire, and Chef’s Challenge.

All were good with Smoking, of course. We joked over the wings over the boy who cried “spicy wings!”. And then we were on to Intensi-Fire, and it was then I feel it; an army of prickly chilli dots of invaded my tongue, making just a little swollen but not gorged yet.

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

The winner, of course, was Chef’ Challenge. Half way through the joint I felt my whole lips swollen up and went numb. My forehead perspired like I was having intense fever. By then we lost count of the glasses of water we have had; we even helped ourselves to the jugs of icy cold water (oh the relief!) strategically placed around the restaurants.

I gave up then; Mak went on bravely and, like a wounded soldier determined to reclaim his land on his stead, slathered the whole wing with sour cream.

Jerry's BBQ & Grill>

GASP! Now that’s the way to go to win the challenge.

Memphis Style Hickory-Smoked Barbeque Pork Ribs ($21.95 for half slab)

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

Baby back pork ribs smoked-barbecued for four hours. Apparently these ribs are so tender and juicy, they’ll fall of the bone. But ours was just… dry and husky. We had to cut through the meat into bite-sized portions. The overly sweet homemade barbecue sauce didn’t help. If you ask me, I would think that’s four hours ill-spent.

Just when I thought I was fit to burst, we battled on and ordered dessert.

Chocolate Brownie

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

And what a relief! Served with the creamiest scoop of vanilla ice-cream imaginable, the brownie was hot and moist. I don’t know about you, but in my lifetime I had too many rock-hard dried-up chunks of darkened bricks they called brownie. Now this is the real thing. Certainly made up for the disappointing ribs.

Jerry's BBQ & Grill

Verdict? A truly remarkable American diner experience, and certainly more hits than misses. Best savoured with your chilli-loving friends.

Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill
92 Club Street
(65) 6323 4550

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