The One With Green Waffle Diner – Chicken Me Not

It does seems like I have a craze for American-style diners recently. Okay, technically the Happy Valley Classified is no diner, just feel like one, but the one at Jerry’s is definitely a diner.

But truth to be told, I was at Green Waffle Diner recently because… just because. I was in the area, and we needed dinner which while doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket, will give us a satisfactory food for the hot, humid night. After missing out one gathering of #HKSocialButterflies (hi guys!) here, finally I got my hand on its signature dish.

Fried Chicken & Waffles (HK$82)

Green Waffle Diner

At last! I first heard about this odd-sounding dish on Twitter (hi Greg!) and have been itching to try this out. Two deep-fried chicken drumsticks served with a full waffle and a healthy portion of homefries. The chicken was surprisingly dry; it almost felt like it was refried or reheated. It was surprising because from the look (and smell!) of it, they do appear to be good. The skin is, of course, delicious, but that’s wholly missing the point, right?

Green Waffle Diner

But the full waffle more than made up from it. Golden, slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy, slightly moist on the inside, there was heaven in every bite when served with the honey golden syrup which you can douse as much as you want on the perfectly cubed waffles. Like an ice tray, I filled every square to the brim. Overtime the waffle will become soggy but even so it does not come apart when I sliced through it. Now that’s truly decadent.

Green Waffle Diner

I was told to bring my own syrup because the one at Green Waffle Diner wasn’t cutting it. Well, maybe I am no Australian but this Country Kitchen syrup does it nicely for me :D

Meat Lovers Skillet (HK$88)

Green Waffle Diner

Know not what a skillet is? Neither do I, though I should be since I am foodie for crying out loud. But like I always do in the face of unknowns, I guessed, and usually my guesses are pretty good. We smelled the dish a good two minutes before it was served onto the table – it smelled that good! – and when it arrives we were excited with the variety in the pan, but less so by its quantity.

Green Waffle Diner

Sausage, bacon, steak, mushrooms, homefries, and topped with poached eggs and cheddar cheese. Maybe I was kind fooled by the name “meat lovers” as the Pizza Hut variety was really meant for a true carnivor. The sausage tasted a tad too salty for me. You could hardly tell there’s cheddar cheese on the whole combo by its look, but it’s there alright, and that was a stroke of genius. Overpowering melted cheese congealing on your food is not an appealing sight. Apparently the poached eggs were not as runny as hoped, but I guess that depends on your preferences of the runniness of your yolks.

Green Waffle Diner

A word about the restaurant. The diner could probably sit up to twenty paxs, with two small booths seating some four persons, and one big up probably fitting up to eight persons. So depending on the size of your group, call ahead to book your required seats. We didn’t try the milkshakes (some reviewers swore by them), nor any variations of its namesake, because we were up to our calorie quota as it is that day.

Verdict? Sized-for-Texas it was not, but Green Waffle Diner is your diner of choice if you love waffles served with chickens and other less odd ingredients.

P.S.: Ooooh, also my Foursquare check-in at Green Waffle earned me the Greasy Spoon badge! Kick butt! But also means my ass will only get larger. Not so kick butt.


Green Waffle Dinner
G/F, Kar Ho Building
35-39 Graham Street, Central
2887 9991

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