The One With Cupcakes In Hong Kong

Cupcakes. Aren’t they just the best invention ever? Just look at the vast choices of toppings, endless creative frostings and flavour of every taste imaginable, cupcakes are a bite of heaven you can fit in your hand and carry in a box.

greg - cupcakes

Cupcakes from Sift Bakery and Sweet Secrets (photo by Greg Lexiphanic)

I have always been fascinated about cupcakes. This is rather unusual coming from someone who is impartial towards desserts (I blame the diet), but like what I said to my friends, I simply adore looking at them. Eating… now that simple action is just fraught with complications.

jj2 - cupcakes

A cupcake party (photo by JJ Acuna)

How do I even start? Do you stop at just one, or as far as your champagne go? Do you eat the icing only, the whole thing like you would do a burger? Should I keep tab of the calories consumed, or throw caution to the wind ‘cos, hey, you only live once?

jj1 - group

Cupcakes are best with white wine and friends (photo by JJ Acuna)

Since living in Hong Kong, I have come across cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and origins. Thanks to my cupcakes-loving friends, I have had some of the best tasting cupcakes in my life here. You could get your brain shortcircuiting in a frenzy with divine creations such as Red Velvet, or feel the orgasm in your mouth with a spot of Peanut Butter cupcake. How about cupcakes with an Asian twist, the pandan with coconut flakes?

That’s not to say I have not come across great cupcakes elsewhere before. Like this one from Hummingbird Bakery in London:

The Hummingbird Bakery at Portobello Market

That’s also not to say I have not tried my hands making cupcakes:

Cupcake Party

I even pulled friends (like, many of them) into a collective act of baking:

Connie's Cupcake Party @ Miele Lounge

Well, that was a very long preamble. I started this post to highlight some of the best cupcakes I had in Hong Kong, and I got… distracted.

Anyway! Ready for some serious case of cupcakes overload? Get head-over-heels in love with these selections from some of the best cupcakes connoisseurs in Hong Kong:

Red Velvet


Moist chocolate cake with luscious red frosted with rich cream cheese. Need I say more?
From Sweet Secrets. 35 Graham Street, Central. Tel: 2545 8886
(Photo by Greg Lexiphanic)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips

sift - peanut butter

Chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake, peanut butter frosting. Gastronomical orgasm with every bite.
From Sift Desserts. G/F, 46 Graham Street, Central. Tel: 2530 4288

Ferrero Rocher

kisses cupcakes - ferrero rocher

Varlhona chocolate cupcake with a Ferrero-center topped with studded ferrero-hazelnut chocolate buttercream.
From Kisses Cupcakes. G/F, No. 24, Gough Street Central. Tel: 2489 9899

Really, why would you have your dessert any other way? Save your calories quota for these gorgeous creations.

4 Thoughts on “The One With Cupcakes In Hong Kong

  1. Cupcakes are… delicious! :D

  2. i m hungry now!

  3. I love everyone who loves cupcakes!! 
    Raz, you might want to try Pomme’s red velvet too :)

  4. I have a sweet tooth, so I love cupcakes and all things, well, sweet :D Been cutting down on the sugar though. Be great if those are low calorie LOL #yolo

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