The One With Brickhouse – Badass Mexican Food

I thought I had it down pat with Mexican food after the last culinary foray into the sleepy town of Sai Ying Pun. Being able to articulate the differences between a taco and a burrito (it’s not difficult), I thought I was it.

Then come along Brickhouse and everything I know was thrown out of the window.

I could reminisce about the adventure of finding the joint; mischievously tucked in a back lane guarded by a built-in-bouncer of a Chinese uncle selling cheap purses, right in the heart of the heaving mess that was Lan Kwai Fong. Google Map was of no use to pinpoint its exact location; hint – it is located where the famous Fa Zu Jie is.

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

Salsa & Chips.

I could gush enthusiastically about the infectious vibe of the jolly hearted patrons and the truly hospitable wait staff, who made our almost two-hour wait for a table decidedly a social event on its own. We sang, we laughed and we had a few drinks (it’s Mraz, geddit?).

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

Taco tray with five meats.

I could wax lyrical about the incredible setup of Brickhouse; exposed bricks giving it more than just a tad of raw, industrious feel complete with tasteful graffiti on the wall. If that’s not “Mexican street” enough for you, I don’t know what is.

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

Watermelon salad.

I could also review the food plate by plate. From the chips and salsa and tray of tacos, to Mexican pizza (tortilla topped with blackbeans, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers and truffle oils), Witches Brew (market fish with salsa, avocado and citrus), and braised tuna and octopus tostadas, I could recommend with some authority the three definite winners of the night – home beet fries (deep fried roasted beets with sweet chilli mayo and green onion), watermelon salad (with goat’s feta and candied pepitas) and chilli relleno (deep fried poblano pepper stuffed with quinoa, squash and cheese)

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

… I have no idea what this is.

I might as well warn you about the bartenders; they are heavy handed with the alcohol (margaritas! mojito! no hangover! thank god!) and cute enough to bring home with. Five glasses in, when I was seeing through a mist of contended happiness at a sea of beautiful people, it was difficult to remember what I have ordered from the heavenly kitchen crew headed by the superb chef Austin Fry.

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

Brickhouse Margarita.

Or I could just tell you to get off your laptop, sashay down to Central (they don’t do reservation) and see it for yourself. Brickhouse is a Latin America class act best experienced with a gang of your equally adventurous, fun and thrill-loving friends.

20A D’Aguilar St.
Central, Hong Kong
2810 0560
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