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The One With Tim’s Kitchen – The Star’s In Its Name

When I first moved to Sheung Wan three years ago, I was rather excited when I discovered that there was a Michelin-starred restaurant just a stone throw away from my (previous) house. Over the ensuing two years plus, I pondered, wondered, contemplated, wished (I’m running of adjectives for procrastination here…) to have a meal at Tim’s Kitchen.

Birthday Dinner at Tim's Kitchen

Three years later, I am finally paid a visit, thanks to Chris and Liren! It was a belated birthday dinner, one of which invitation I gladly accepted. I was told to be honest about my review (they are both readers of this blog) even though it was a birthday treat.

So I will :D

Century Eggs

Birthday Dinner at Tim's Kitchen

I find it a little strange that this plate of century eggs came with sugar. I tried it with the ginger, and then with the eggs, together and separately, and still can’t figure out how it helped with the taste. That said the century eggs were a decent fare, though I must say it is still a far cry from the divine eggs I had at Yung Kee.

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