The One With Rumah Rasa Bay Hotel – Incredible Indonesian Food

Haven’t you heard? I spent a mega week in Singapore recently. Partly for work, attending the incredibly inspiring Ad:tech Singapore 2012, partly to revisit my friends some of whom I have not seen for more than two years. Knowing that I have mere days to catch up with everyone, I broadcasted my imminent arrival on Facebook, making catch up plans well in advance.

On the very first night of my arrival – in fact, within two hours after my plane touched down at Changi airport – I was whisked from my hotel to Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel. Located at Telok Blangah near Vivo City, this restaurant showcases the best of Indonesian archipelago.

It was quite a strange experience. For one, the entire restaurant was empty and only half-lit. We were not even sure if it was open for business despite our reservations and online reviews which said it opens till 4 a.m. Granted, it was past 10 p.m. when we arrived and only a skeleton crew of wait staff was on duty. However the captain assured us that our reservation is valid; only that the buffet was already close at hour, and the kitchen only do room service.

So we had the whole restaurant for ourselves! Despite the late hour the service was impeccable, friendly and warm; I had to give them kudos for making my first meal in Singapore so incredibly enjoyable… and tasty.

It was a night of great – and I do mean GREAT – Indonesian food. First off is the emping with sambal belacan – a cracker made from egg plants dipped in a special chilli sauce. The sambal was incredible, so good that we asked for seconds.

Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel

And of course I had to have Tahu Telur Surabaya – beancurd fried with eggs and served with sliced carrots and cucumber in peanut sauce. It was the peanut sauce which made it a favourite of mine, and Rumah Rasa did it in spade.

Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel

The ayam panggang berkakak Jakarta – roast chicken, a specialty of Rumah Rasa – was a tad too salty for my taste. Probably a case of kicap (thick soya sauce) overdose.

Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel

But all was forgiven with this magnificent pot of assam curry fish head.

Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel

The curry was just the right balance of sour and spicy, encouraging an even bigger appetite with me. The fish head was thick with meat – quite a treat when it comes to this particular dish – and for the first time I understood the joy of eating the “cheek” meat. The whole table agreed it was an excellent dish, quite possibly the best curry fish head I ever had.

The verdict? Great Indonesian food in a little-known gem of a find right in the city, at that time of the night. Have your supper there before it gets too crowded.

Rumah Rasa at Bay Hotel
50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828
+65 6818 6681
Opens: 6am-4am

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