The One With Nam Ah Restaurant 1964 – A Singapore Experience In Causeway Bay

When I first moved to Hong Kong three years ago, I had a problem with food. Specifically, I have problems with ordering food. I can’t read Chinese, and once upon a time I lived in Tsuen Wan, a very local town which is not exactly English-friendly. Menu was more often than not offered only in one language – and it’s not English – so eating out can be quite a chore, a stressful experience, which I care not to repeat. Which also leads me moving out to Sheung Wan only three months later.

Where was I? Oh yes, that was my very long spiel that, in my first few weeks in Hong Kong, I missed Singapore food. I didn’t know the local food scene well (I never even heard of Open Rice), so hunting for a food place with an English menu is difficult enough a task on its own, never mind a place serving Singaporean food.

Nam Ah Restaurants

If only Groupon was in existent then, I would be very grateful. For through its recent offer that I discovered the joy of Singaporean food right here in Causeway Bay at a restaurant called Nam Ah Restaurant 1964.

Nam Ah Restaurants

Okay, so the food is not exactly the same standard as those in Singapore – I mean, you do realise you are NOT in Singapore, don’t you? – but good enough to satisfy that craving in me for a bit of “home”.

Nam Ah Restaurants

Caesar Salad. Lightly dressed and crunchy. I like. But why is this part of a Singapore set meal?

Nam Ah Restaurants

Chinese Soup. Watery at best. Perhaps the soup chef wasn’t in his best form.

Nam Ah Restaurants

Singapore Fried Kueh Teow. Best dish of the night, and the closest thing on the table to Singapore standard. Not as spicy as I would like it, but commendable.

Nam Ah Restaurants

Curry Beef and Naan. I love how the curry is not the usual Hong Kong deplorable rendition – watery, yellowy, bland – but real curry with coconut milk and spices. And the golden fried potatoes! The naan was crispy and fragrant, though in one bite I can tell it came from the chilled aisle of a supermarket.

Nam Ah Restaurants

Signature Red Bean Shaved Ice
. I am not a fan of red bean, so I can’t really describe this dessert and give its justice. But I reckon if I can polish off the whole cup, red beans dessert lovers would have ordered second.

Verdict? When my colleagues asked me to bring them to do some Singaporean/Malaysian lunch nearby office, I have no qualms of bringing them to Nam Ah. Worth a visit if, like me, you have the occasional craving for a bit of home.

This review is made possible by Groupon’s blogger outreach programme.

Nam Ah Restaurant 1964
Flat B, 1/F, Topview Mansion
10 Canal Road, Causeway Bay
2187 3487

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