The One With Hotel Amanjena – A Moment Of Sex And The City

It’s only fitting that, after a marathon of Sex and the City movies back-to-back last weekend that I blog about my very own Sex and the City moment in Morocco.

For the uninformed, the second movie of the highly successful stories of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, while was about Abu Dhabi – the “new” Middle East – the movie was mostly shot in Morocco, spread over a couple of cities. When I planned my trip to the North African country last year, many of my friends thought it was in honour of the movie.

Truth to be told, I had no idea until a few days before I was to leave for my holiday.

How uninformed I was! So while at Marrakech, having some off hours free in the afternoon, we decided to visit Hotel Amanjena, the beautiful palace-like hotel where Sex and the City 2 was shot at.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

The hotel was located some 10 km away from the medina of Marrakech (where we were staying at), and apparently no metered taxi will venture that far out. So we booked one. And upon arriving, the kind English-speaking concierge told us that we had better book the taxi for the return trip, for none will come this way. And so we did.

Was the hassle worth it? You bet. Upon knowing that we were from Singapore, the concierge wondered if we were “mystery shoppers” (the hotel was, apparently, operated by some company from Singapore), and proceeded to offer us a complimentary tour around the sprawling complex.

And what a sight it was.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

With only 39 rooms, every inch of Amanjena spells luxury and riches.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

Sitting areas with plush sofas and low tables were abundantly available throughout the hotel. I could imagine that you can sit your way around the perimeter of the pool throughout the night without having to wait for an available seat.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

The legendary pool was the centrepiece of the hotel.

Hotel Amanjena @ Marrakech, Morocco

We saw the seven archways where Carried stole that kiss from Aidan.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

Here’s the sitting area where they shared a platter of snack.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

We were honoured to have seen so much of the hotel, including some suites and rooms. It was incredibly luxurious – with a price tag to match – so we were in luck to be able to see them since it was low season during winter at the hotel.

Hotel Amanjena @ Marrakech, Morocco

It was incredibly sunny when we visited that afternoon – a rarity in winter Morocco – so we sat by the pool with a selection of cocktails.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

To round of that entire SATC2 experience, I just had to have a Cosmopolitan, in honour of Samanta.

Hotel Amanjena at Marrakech, Morocco

It was a perfect afternoon to end a perfect day.

3 Thoughts on “The One With Hotel Amanjena – A Moment Of Sex And The City

  1. Hey was it easy to get around Morocco? Or did you travel in a tour group?

  2. It is easy enough but must have a sense of adventure, as English is not really widely spoken. I had two friends with me during the trip. And hey Paul, long time no see :)

  3. SATC-INFO on 20 October, 2013 at 4:07 am said:

    it is important to note, the pool scenes are actually filmed at Taj Palace Marrakech not at Amanjena. Also, Taj Palace Marrakech is where they filmed the palatial suite- as it is their actual “presidential”

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