The One With Golden Valley Restaurant – Heaven & Hell In A Hotpot

Hotpot has got to be the best invention of Chinese cuisine. There are so many ways of doing a pot – from experimenting with different broths to dumping anything edible into it – that at every turn, you bound to be surprised.

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

I thought my hotpot discovery was excellent, until Sichuan hotpot dropped a fiery bomb onto my radar. My (hotpot) life will never the same again.

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

Golden Valley Restaurant was like a throw back to ancient times, when Hong Kongers revel in all things gold plated, and thick carpeting with swirly patterns commanded a mortgage to install. Located at Emperor Hotel (which is literally two minutes from my door step), it was a restaurant fit for a king.

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

Rumour has it that this Cantonese-Sichuanese restaurant is owned by the controversial entertainment mogul Albert Yeung. Since time immemorial, Golden Valley has been churning out the best spicy Sichuanese hotpot in town.

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

Part of the fun was to use the pestle and mortar to grind your own sesame seeds before heading to the condiment station, which deserves its own award for its mind-boggling variety and sheer quantity. Lap it up, for it is part of the fun!

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

We ordered the yin-and-yang style hotpot; part fiery Sichuan soup base with its camouflaged peppercorns, part supreme chicken broth. The pepper was said to dispel damp and kills cold, making hotpot a favourite choice during winter.

Sichuan Hotpot at Golden Valley Restaurant

And then come the ingredients. Anything you can think of is on the menu, freshly slaughtered and harvested to your liking (I am exaggerating), with a price to match. The dinner wasn’t easy on the wallet, but considering its quality I would gladly return.

Verdict? Certainly heaven and hell in a pot. My fiery affair for all things Sichuan has began.

Golden Valley
1/F, The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel
1 Wang Tak Street, Happy Valley
2961 3330

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