Date A Boy Who Travels

Date a boy who travels. But really? Who wants a boy who think of little else but holidays and trips, all the time? When conversations always turn to cheap travel deals, new holiday spots, and yet another dream of taking a holiday? Why date a boy who lives frugally and saves hard, only to splurge it on air tickets to far-flung places of the places.

Well, humour the boy who travels, just for a second.

You might not be impressed by his practical clothes nor tattered backpack. Neither by his many weekends to out-of-town places and day trips. He might not have a flashy car bring you around, or a big watch to impress the people around you.

But behind that earnest smile and those twinkling eyes, lies a curious mind that will want to know you as you are, right now, and can take you places, right after.

The Parliament of Hungary

The Parliament of Hungary

Date a boy who travels. Don’t laugh at him when he exclaim in delight at common things at ordinary places. Take a closer look at that fern of a tree which has stood its ground for hundreds of years. Pray with him at the temple which has guarded the settlement over generations of villagers. Share his packet of fried beans found only at street markets at that part of the world, and no where else.

For he who travels has long developed a deep sense of appreciation for all things around him, big and small, new and old.

The Acropolis: A View of Lykavittos from Acropolis

A View of Lykavittos from Acropolis, Greece

And that includes you. Be lighthearted and be your true self, when you are with the boy who travels. He will share your beauty, forgive your flaws and love you all the same, just the way he did with many others he has met, all over the world.

Cabo da Roca

Sunset at Cabo da Raca, Portugal

Date a boy who travels. Although he has scaled a cliff at Santorini, cruised down the Bosphorus Strait in Instanbul, and watched the sun set at Cabo da Raca, he doesn’t think that he is bigger, better nor wiser than anyone else.

Oh no. The boy who travels sees himself as but a tiny speck in the big, wide world. There is still so much more to see, to listen to, and to experience the joy of. He is humbled by the vast expanse of humanity that one couldn’t possibly experience them all in one lifetime.

And he doesn’t expect you to be any better or worse than he is. To him, your worldly knowledge and society wealth matter little. Who you are, right there and then, does.

Camel Ride At Essaouira

Camel Ride At Essaouira, Morocco

When you date a boy who travels, be interested when he shares tales from his adventure, and be intrigued when he tells you where is off to next. And if you are lucky, he might ask you to join him. In the world of travelers like him, that is the highest badge of honour. For when he asks you to come with him and see the world, he is prepared to see the best and worst of you. He knows how relationships often make or break when two travel together. When he says, “Come with me!”, he wants to see if you are the one worth fighting for.

So take a deep breathe, say yes, and be prepared to be swept away to a faraway land.

At Park Guell Of Barcelona

At Park Guell Of Barcelona, Spain

When you date a boy who travels, expect the unexpected. Forget about boring dinners and run-of-the-mill movies. With him, your dates will be spent on hiking trails, warm beaches and calming monastery. Or perhaps you will hop onto a ferry on a short weekend getaway, or board a train towards a magical land.

Making snow angel at Perisher Ski Resort, Australia

Making snow angel at Perisher Ski Resort, Australia

And it’s easy to make him happy when you date a boy who travels. No extravagant gifts needed; it’s really the thoughts that count. You can get him a reading light for those long bus rides when he can read, or a small backpack for those short daytrips out of towns he is visiting. A guidebook for the country he is visiting next will never go amiss either. Really, who needs to give a Hermes tie or a Gucci shirt, when you date a boy who travels?

The Foursome for the Night!

The foursome in Athens

Is a boy who travels worth it? Yes, he is. When you find him, keep him close to you, to your heart. When he says he loves you, he means it. If he has chosen you, he must have seen something in you worth staying for.

For when he says he loves you, you are the world to him. When he is on the road, he remembers the person waiting for him to return, a poignant reminder of where home is. Not a place, not a house, but a person worth going home for after weeks and months on the road.

Find a boy who travels. And your world will never be the same again.

Inspired by Date A Girl Who Travels by Solitary Wanderer

8 Thoughts on “Date A Boy Who Travels

  1. Mark CKJ on 5 May, 2012 at 11:53 am said:

    Very timely advice :). I’m gonna take you up on this ad see what comes out of it. *fingers crossed*

  2.  Now if you are going to put an ad up, let me know where, I’d want to see! ;)

  3. Ryan at Travel and Graphs on 8 May, 2012 at 12:54 am said:

    Loved this post. The only thing better would be a girl who travels with her boy who travels!

  4.  You should check out the original post of which this one is inspired from.

  5. Nice post, Raz.
    I agree. You should enjoy the time you travel together and make the most of it. It may be brief but it will be an experience you share with your children and your grandchildren – even if you never see that boy again.

  6. Anonymous on 1 June, 2012 at 1:54 pm said:

     Thanks Greg. I am sure you know the sentiment very well. I love to travel, and I hope my future better half will share my love for the world.

  7. got to this a bit late, but this is great ^^
    though i’m nowhere near as exotic as how you describe the travel boy, i can definitely relate to this…

  8.  Good to hear from you, Fili! Yes, I am sure you can relate. Then again, nothing can stop our wandering feet now that we have caught the bug.

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