The One With Sake Bar GINN – Hong Kong Dedicated Sake Bar

Founder Ayuchi Momose was proud to inform us that Sake Bar GINN is the first genuine bar in Hong Kong dedicated only to the fermented rice wine.

Sake Bar GINN

The sake selection available, mind boggling to the novice and da God-sent for diehard fans, were imported directly from Japanese breweries and not available elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Sake Bar GINN

Sake Bar GINN is more like a bar than a restaurant, so be prepared to be overwhelmed by its selection of about 100 different kinds of sakes, rather than its tapa style menu to go with the sake.

Sake Bar GINN

If sake really not your kind of thing, you can still indulge in the Japanese spirit (pun intended) with their array of beers, shochu and whiskies from the land of the rising sun. Sorry, wine lovers.

Sake Bar GINN

During my visit I was fortunate enough to sample different sake tasting flights with my fellow foodies, in order to understand the different types of sake and their differing flavours – from fragrant to aged to smooth to rich – owing to the way the rice grains were processed.

Sake Bar GINN

Cloudy sake are filtered less hence cheaper, so the next time someone try to spoon you off with an expensive bottle of cloudy sake, you are now better informed.

Sake Bar GINN

I also learned that, while warm sake tasted better in some ways due to its aromatic fragrance, it was precisely the smell which makes the alcohol evaporate due to heat, hence you get less for your buck.

Sake Bar GINN

So, for good(ness) sake (pun intended), hop over to GINN for your dose of Japanese. There’s more to nihon than just sushi and sashimi.

(This was an invited tasting session)

Sake Bar GINN 地酒処 吟
Unit 4C Ho Lee Commercial Building
38-44 D’Aguilar Street Central.
2536 4355
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