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The One With Eggstreme Brunch At Divino – Eggsactly The Eggscitement We Eggspected

Okay, so that was quite a bad play of words, but I couldn’t think of a more apt title to a post all about eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

To say that DiVino has supercharged the egg-centric (see, again!) brunch options in Hong Kong with their Eggstreme brunch menu would probably be understating it. Apart from the endless myriad of eggs options available on the menue – more than all your fingers combined could count – Chef Michele only uses pasteurised eggs or DHA pasteurised eggs, ensuring the eggs’ innate nutrients such as proteins, vitamin A and riboflavin go right down with your Bloody Mary.

(We had the virgin variety, and it was equally delicious).

Eggstreme Brunch at Divino

It was also my virgin (heh) visit to Divino, and can I just say that I really, really like the interior and how laidback the atmosphere was. The resident DJ spins tunes of chillout grooves and lounge music throughout brunch time. It was all I could do not to lie down on the comfortable couch, snuggle under (an imaginary) duvet and dig into my book.

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