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The One With Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle – ‘Noods in the ‘Hoods

Hot on the tail since my last review of my fav eating Indian place in Happy Valley, here’s another one – Mak Siu Kee traditional wonton noodle.

Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle

Happy Valley seems not short of noodle places. The trick is to find a nice one which won’t cause a huge dent in your wallet. Mak Siu Kee, decent as it was, is too expensive in my opinion. I was there for lunch one fine day as I was, err, on a bit of a loose end.

Shrimp Wonton With Noodle (HK$45)

Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle

A seemingly simple dish. The wontons were crunchy to the bite, its shrimp fresh and succulent in a way I find more fitting for a salad. The accompanying bowl of soup has much MSG. The egg noodle itself was alright, though I would prefer it to be done the Malaysian way; tossed with think, dark soy sauce. Overall the combination was quite pleasant.

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The One With He Jiang – A Tale Of Two Rivers

If I can only use one word to describe He Jiang – a new discovery thanks to my baby project RedeeME – it would have been “understated“.

One glance from the outside of Cosmopolitan Hotel, where it was situated at, things do no look very promising. It was only after you cross its treshold that you realised, really, one should not judge a restaurant by its exterior alone. With its floor-to-ceiling windows all along one side, He Jiang is an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay.

He Jiang

He Jiang brings together cuisines of Huaiyang and Sichuan, hence its name “He” meaning “together” and “Jiang” meaning “delta”. A tale of two rivers indeed. I am no fan of Sichuan food – I blame it to a lifetime adversity towards overly spicy food – but that was about to change.

He Jiang

So serious was their dedication to remain faithful to their food heritage, the kitchen of He Jiang was helmed by natives of both provinces to recreate the tastes of home and give it a modern twist.

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The One With Indian Food At The Chapel – Surprising Find In The Valley

Hello there! Did you miss me, and my blog? I missed you. My apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks. What with me moving from my old haunt to Happy Valley, and the avalanche at work, I find myself hard pressed to find time to blog.

But that does not mean I lack of material to blog. Oh no. If my expanding waistline is of any indication, I had too much material to blog about.

Well, I gotta start somewhere. So let me introduce you to a gem of a find I was introduced to right here in Happy Valley, called The Chapel.

The Chapel is rightfully a bar, but a large sign right outside claim it serves some of the best Indian food in town. On any other occasion, I would have hesitated (great food in a neighbourhood bar, really?) but this was recommended to me by a foodie who knows her stuff.

So in I went one fine weekday night, and I was not disappointed!

Roasted Popadam (HKD6)

Dinner at The Chapel

I was overjoyed when I found this place serves real popadam. For the uninitiated, that crispy lentil flour wafer with more than just a tad of spice in it. Served with a side of mint sauce, I was transported right back to the time in Malaysia when I can devour a tin of popadam all by myself.

I was that much of a glutton.

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