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Social Media Week Hong Kong 2012

Social Media Week Hong Kong 2012

Update: To all visitors from Social Media Week Hong Kong, welcome. It has been truly a worthwhile experiencing sharing my blogging journey with you. If you like to get in touch, check out my profile for various ways to contact me. You may also be interested in the presentation I did today, which can be found on Slide Share. A short clip on the closing Q&A session can also be found on U Stream.

Stay connected!

I won’t confess that I am fanatical about social media.

But I can’t deny that a lot of what I have achieved in my personal life and doing in my career have a lot to do with blogging. My venture into the digital world started with a single blog post about, uh, a train door. And then I got crazy about Singapore Idol. I blogged so much about it that eventually I founded the first idol’s official fan club, which became endorsed by the recording company. Then I realised I have a good grasp on building websites.

And then come along Facebook. And then, Twitter.

The rest, like they said, is history.

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