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The One With Tokoro Robatayaki- A Feast For The Eyes & More

Have you heard? For the first time my food review was published in print! It was the winter edition of Good Eating by South China Morning Post, the company I work for. I joined the group of contributors of the custom publishing team and was assigned to review Tokoro Robatayaki, a contemporary Japanese restaurant located in Mongkok.

(The following review is reproduction of what I have wrote originally, unedited and not as printed in the magazine, with my own photos added on)

Tokoro Robatayaki

Elegant and laid back, with soft lighting for a relaxed dining experience. The robatayaki-style theatre allows you to witness its star chef in action, while the birdcage-like designer pods are perfect for group dining.

Tokoro Robatayaki

The star of the night was undoubtedly the US Angus beef. The tenderloins were grilled to the right degree of medium rare tenderness, served on a hot plate. Each cut was bursting with that distinctive flavour of good-grade beef, rendering the accompanying selection of salts and sauces rather unnecessary.

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