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The One With Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Bash

Every year my friends will want to go for Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Bash. Rumours were adrift that the bash is really scary, out of this world (pun intended) and superbly fun.

But like all good intentions with my dear friends, clashing schedule and pure misfortune prevented us from setting foot into the bash every October. However this year, thanks to a stroke of luck (actually, not really, it was a photo contest which actually was more pain than fun, but that’s another story), I got myself a pair of tickets to this year’s bash!

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

Because of the aforementioned photo contest, I got the tickets pretty late, and it wasn’t until the very last Saturday of the Halloween season when my better half and I managed to find time to head down to Ocean Park.

Like thousands of others. Oh my freaking God. Bloody hell, the tickets are not cheap, you know (even though mine were free). Where did these kids get the money?

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

Putting my fear of long queue and sweaty teenagers aside, I bravely ventured in. And up the mountain we went! It was my first time taking the cable car at night.

Halloween Bash At Hong Kong Ocean Park

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