The One With Woosung Street Food Hawker Bazaar – Chiu Chow Undefined?

I have been contemplating about writing this post for quite sometime now. My hesitation stemmed from various reasons: (1) I am not sure if the food I am eating is indeed, chiu chow food, and (2) for the life of me I can’t seem to recall the name of the food I ate, and (3) the fear that even if I do write the post, it will not be useful to you.

So why did I decide to write it anyway? That’s because I loved the place. I specifically told my better half that I wanted to go to this particular food hawker bazaar as we have walked past it several times in the past and it was always bustling with people.

With that kind of crowd, the food bound to be good, no?

Woosung Street Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

Well, yes and no. If you are the kind of diner who can queasy at the sight of rickety chairs, wet concrete floor and harried waiters, this place is not for you. The food adventurer in me was in full force that night; I was happy to just jab at the menu randomly (I can’t read Chinese) and eat whatever came.

Of course my better half intervened, otherwise the dinner would have been a total disaster.

Woosung Street Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

The one dish I specifically asked for was oyster pancakes. Past experience told me this is gonna be a greasy, calorie-ridden affair and I was not disappointed that night. Granted, the brown pancake had that burnt overtone to it (perhaps refried?) and enough oil to make your stomach turn, but it was also crispy and that striked a total contrast to the generous servings of oysters concealed inside. Each one was succulent and tangy the way fresh seafood is.

I’ll level with you – there were three pieces. My better half had half. I devoured the rest.

Woosung Street Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

My next favourite was this platter of spiced and marinated meat. Please pardon me for the lack of a proper name for this. A combination of meat sausages, pig innards and toufu, the serving was generous and surprisingly palatable, giving off a strong scent of earthy aroma. Each piece tasted as different as they look, so be adventurous and try out each one. You might be in for a surprise.

Woosung Street Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

Yet another dish I specifically asked for – not by its name but its picture – was crispy noodle with sliced beef. I am a fan of anything with crispy noodle. There is a sense of urgency when it comes to it; you can’t take your time with crispy noodle lest it get soggy from whatever gravy and meat it was served with. The beef for the night was perfection; tender and chewy yet not overdone. It paired well with the fresh and crunchy kailan.

Woosung Street Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

So, is this chiu chow food? I may be none the wiser, but if you are like me and want a change from your usual Western haunts in Soho or overpriced Chinese restaurants in Causeway Bay, make your way to Woosung Street. You might not know what you are eating, but you will almost certainly be enjoying the experience.

Woosung Street Food Hawker Bazaar

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