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I first came across Linguini Fini on Twitter. I am an advocate on the use of social media to build a loyal fan base to one’s brand, and the best example I could quote would be The Garden Slug in Singapore. Linguini Fini comes a close second in being very responsive on Twitter without being overly promotional.

Linguini Fini @ Central

Of course, it also helps that many of my foodie friends loved it. Just ask Jason, Rita or JJ. I have heard of many good things about the place, but the fate was sealed when my buddy, who is one tough master to please when it comes to food even at the best of time, sang praises of Linguini Fini and even returned for a second meal within the month.

I had to pay a visit.

Linguini Fini @ Central

The first thing you should know about Linguini Fini is that it does not take reservation. True to its NYC-root, you can only walk in, and even so you will be seated only when everyone in your group has arrived. This might come across as strange in Hong Kong food scene, when some places put too much importance on their waiting lists and think you owe them for food.

But for me, I was delighted. No more coming to an empty restaurant only to be told it was fully booked for the night; the vacant tables almost mocking you.

Linguini Fini @ Central

Linguini Fini has a very laid back feel to it. With its pastel-coloured barn-like furniture, barrel seats and tables, low and warm lighting, playful music playing in the air… I was happy to be waiting for my friend (yes, that friend, returning for the third time) just to soak in the atmosphere.

Am I bias? Perhaps. But you can’t deny truly good food.

Happy Jack’s Daily Pastry Basket (HK$28)

Linguini Fini @ Central

A selection of sweet and savoury cakes, breads and pastries. Available for the day include some truly delicious dark chocolate brownies served chilled, taste smoothly fudgy and has that consistently dense brownie texture. And there were some lighter-than-air madelines, served warm which was a total contrast to the brownie and we loved it. I don’t even know the name of the rest, but we carefully divided them into equal halves so that we get to enjoy it fairly. I wish I am a dessert fan; I could have done them more justice.

Pig N’ Potato (HK$38)

Linguini Fini @ Central

Crispy pieces of melting pig’s foot and chunks of tender potatoes coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried, finished with rosemary and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. By far my favourite dish. The whole fragrant pot was like a magical concoction of herbs and cheese. Ah, good times.

LF Benedict (HK$88)

Linguini Fini @ Central

Would you believe it if I told you it was my first time having eggs benedict? I have read about it but had always imagined it to be pudding of some sort. But in fact, this is a dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin (toasted, of course), topped with ham and bacon, with poached eggs drizzled generously with Hollandaise sauce. The sauce tasted a little strange to me, but then again I guess it was one of those acquired taste when you try something for the first time.

And that poached egg? When you balanced it carefully on your spoon and then have it whole in one mouthful? How the (still warm) egg yolk burst in your mouth, threatening to overflow your lips and dribble down your chin?

Okay, this is getting too graphic for its own good.

Lamb Gnocchi (HK$118)

Linguini Fini @ Central

Home-made gnocchi (using locally sourced ingredient and made twice daily in the kitchen; a signature of Linguini Fini) with richly marinated chunks of tender lamb and sweet onion ragu. The portion of this rich and flavourful main dish was a little too little to be shared but with the succession of great food before this, we were more than just full.

And that concludes what can only be best described as a delightful lunch at Linguini Fini. We rounded up the meal with some coffee; I particularly like the sugar sachets! Look, so cute!

Linguini Fini @ Central

One of those few places truly lived up to its fame. Oh yes, did I mention? It is located mere minutes from my place.

My weekend meals will never be the same again.

Linguini Fini
1/F, The L Place
139 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
2857 1333
Website, Facebook, Twitter

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  1. Jowie W on 6 October, 2011 at 4:23 pm said:

    Its practically middle of the night, but this review of great foods just got my stomach growling…

  2. Imagine having to blog about good food on an empty stomach? That’s worse! LOL.

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