The One With Alba White Truffle Extravaganza At Goccia

Not too long ago, I blogged my virgin experience dining at Goccia; one of those true Italian gems located right in the smack of Lan Kwai Fong. The delectable dinner I had was still lingering in my mind (and on my tongue, obviously) when I found myself at Goccia again one weekday night.

My second visit was to try out their tasting menu for Alba white truffle.

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

Known as the white diamond of the gourmet world, white truffle can be found from northern Italy, more famously from around the city of Alba. While the black variety is more hearty and can be used rather generously, white truffle is much more pungent; so much so that only shavings of it should be used with food. That, and also because white truffle is notoriously expensive. One gram of it can set you back by as much as HK$120.

How do you best describe having white truffles with your food? It is like… having sugar with your coffee. It can only make food taste better. With that in mind, my palate was all set to see how Alba white truffle will set my dinner on fire.

White Truffle Cappuccino With Langoustine Tails

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

My first thought was, wow, a cup of cappuccino to start off the dinner? It certainly looked like it, what with the foam and served in a cup like that. And then I inhaled my most favorite smell in the world – cream of mushroom soup! It was smooth and creamy, with a texture that was pure shroom yumminess. Coupled with the truffle… no pepper was needed. Yes, that coming from me, the king of pepper with all my soup.

Toma Cheese Fondue

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

This, my friend, was like fondue deconstructed. Served with organic poached egg and white truffle petals, the mixture has a piquant, rich taste without being overpowering. Stirred with the egg, I had to stop myself from thinking about the amount of calories this fondue contained. It was so good that I was unashamedly scraping the bottom with my spoon. A definite hit for cheese lovers.

Tuber Magnum Pico Alba Truffle Risotto

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

What makes a good risotto? Is it the rice, is it the meat, is it the seasoning? Making risotto is a rather easy affair but not one for the hurried chef. A good risotto is cooked with broth, stirred consistently for at least thirty minutes, until it achieves a creamy consistency. And this one fits the bill perfectly; the rice was chewy, unlike the many soggy risottos you often find elsewhere. Coupled with the truffle… what can I say? It was the most grain-perfect risotto I ever had.

Australia Beef Tenderloin “Tagliata” Style

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

Not to be confused with “tagliatelle”, the pasta. The beef tenderloin were seared just to the right degree (I imagined a sizzling hot fire), but just enough for it to retain that juiciness often associated with medium rare meat. Served with porcini mushroom salad and generous portion of truffle shavings, it was a plate of gastronomical beauty.

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

Too bad I had only two pieces of it before I realised my plate was whisked away; I was too busy chatting with my fellow diners! Oh yes, for the night our table was split into halves; one English-speaking side (mine) and another Italian-speaking side. It was a true Italian experience; any minute I imagined a bustling momma of a chef with huge bosoms and flowery apron come out from the kitchen, brandishing a spatula and admonishing us for not finishing our food.

Okay, my imagination ran wild a little there.

Franciacorta sabayon vanilla ice-cream “affogato”

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

Sabayon, served with vanilla ice-cream? What an unlikely combination! One is a light foamy custard-like dessert usually served warm (as in this case) and the ice-cream was (of course) cold. Put that together with some truffle, it was like… eating melted mooncake. Wasn’t my favorite, but here’s a tidbit to get your appetite going. As with oysters and truffles, sabayon is a well know aphrodisiac. For men.

I licked mine clean.

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

The dinner for the night was paired with five different types of wine. I am not an expert when it comes this finer aspect of dining, but here’s a list of drinks I had with each of the dishes above:
– Roero Arneis ‘Anterisio’ 2009 Cascina Chicco
– Gavi dei Gavi Black Label 2010 La Scolca
– Barbera d’Alba ‘Granera Alta’ 2008 Cascina Chicco
– Barbaresco ‘ Rio Sordo’ 2006 Cascina Bruciata
– Moscato Spumante ‘Classer’ NV Vie del Conte

The good folks at Goccia is bringing you this exceptional promotional for white truffle with your lunch and dinner, from October 10 right up to November 30. Despite being in season, due to the unpredictable weather the truffles were hard to find so if I were you I would ring ahead early. I couldn’t imagine a better way to usher in the winter months.

Alba White Truffle Dinner @ Goccia

This was an invited tasting session. Click here to read what my fellow blogger Alison had to say about her experience (in Chinese), and here to view more photos from the night.

Goccia Ristorante Bar Terrace
G/F & 1/F, 73 Wyndham Street, Central

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