The One With Trafalgar – British Pub & Beer Garden Balcony

Since I moved to Hong Kong, I always look out for spacious dining establishments. Be it a bar, a cafe or a restaurant, a spacious one is a precious commodity in Hong Kong. Those well-versed with the local property market will know what I mean; else, allow yourself to laugh and cry at the same time at this satire on the crazy real estate that is Hong Kong.

In my quest, I have encountered a number of bars/restaurants with open space here, but you could count them with one hand. The patio at SML, the bankers’ hive at SEVVA, the media’s hangout at Sugar, the rooftop bar at Crowne Plaza… see, one hand.

Therefore excuse my enthusiasm when I discoveredthe British pub Trafalgar located at the infamous Lockhart Road at Wanchai.

Trafalgar Wan Chai

As you make your way to the building (Trafalgar was located at a respectable 5th floor), allow yourself to be jostled, appraised, hustled at (if you look rich) or frowned upon (if you don’t). Lockhart Road is lined up almost entirely by bars and pubs of the girlie variety… if you get what I mean. But of course you do. I was there on a Sunday afternoon and already the various bars were doing brisk business.

To say I was delighted to have this oasis of calm in the midst bustling Wan Chai would be an understatement. Trafalgar was complete with a beer garden balcony, decked out in all its wooden glory with rickety chairs and wobbling tables. You would think I am being sarcastic, but I am not. I was charmed.

If I could just ignore the endless babbling of the drunk woman at the next table (slow down on the white wine, honey), I could just close my eyes and imagine myself in London.

And so, on to the delight that was Trafalgar. I was there for a Groupon deal, which was an all-day brunch with three hour of (hic!) unlimited champagne, wine, and soft drinks. You might thought the food would be ordinary, since this was a Groupon deal – I won’t blame you, I went completely without expectation – but boy were my better half and I in for a pleasant surprise!

Grean Pea Soup

Trafalgar Wan Chai

Soup of the day. Pleasantly tangy, with a nice texture to it. No MSG as far as I could tell, which was a welcomed surprise. Probably homemade. It would have been perfect if served with warm bun and salted butter. Hmmmm.

Tropical Salad

Trafalgar Wan Chai

I don’t know about you, but I love green salad with fruits in them. Not only fruits give the otherwise bland green salad bursts of flavour, it also made the whole ensemble more presentable and hence palatable. The mixed green for the afternoon was combined with pineapple, cherry tomato, ham, egg, orange and onion. A small serving of Thousand Island dressing was thoughtfully served as a side for the diet-watchers.

Roasted Beef

Trafalgar Wan Chai

By the time the mains were served, it started to drizzle and so the red awning was called into service. Which was nice but it casted a glaring shadow of red over absolutely everything, so excuse the blood-tainted photos. The beef wasn’t raw; it was the lighting. Served with roasted potato, sauteed onion, steamed vegetables and port wine gravy, I thought the meat was a tad overdone, so it was far too dry and too chewy for my liking. The potatoes, however, were delicious despite being served only as a side.

Grilled Chicken

Trafalgar Wan Chai

The grilled chicken, compared to the roasted beef, was a better fare. The portion wasn’t huge but if you are having a late lunch like I did, you would appreciate how delicate the breasts tasted like. It helped that the side dish of steamed rice, vegetables and mushroom gravy were a good combination with the chicken. I hate dried-out chicken fillets with a passion- after all, I have chicken almost daily – so I was one tough master to please. The grilled chicken at Trafalgar did the job nicely.

Dessert of the Day

Trafalgar Wan Chai

Banana cake. Warmed up and served on top of some drizzled chocolate. It was simple but yet elegantly done. At first sight I thought it was a cheap excuse of a dessert but the cake was moist and not overly sweetened. A perfect end to the meal.

Potato Chips

Trafalgar Wan Chai

After some time chatting and reading our various Sunday indulgences, we were a tad perky so I ordered a portion of Brit potato chips. A perfect choice. You could have as much as dressing and condiments as you want, but the secret to the perfect chips lies in the potatoes. These were perfections. We fought for the last piece.

And about the bottomless drinks. Of course yours truly went for the champagne. After several flutes along with the food I was pleasantly tipsy but not plastered (i.e. not seeing through champagne). The price of the set meal (minus the last portion of chips) was $348 (U.P.) and it was, to me, worth it.

The atmosphere was decidedly laid back. Trafalgar definitely has some loyal clientele; you could tell by how comfortably some of them settled in over a game of chess, bantered light-heartedly as they played a game of pool, or just sipping the lone beer watching the world passing by, five floors down. And oh, they do live sports too, with open bar events which changes periodically.

Trafalgar Wan Chai

Finally, a Groupon deal worth its price. I will be back.

5/F, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai HK
2110 1535

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