The One With Pavilion At Crowne Plaza Hotel – Best View Of Causeway Bay

In a packed city like Hong Kong, to find a high-rise bar with relatively unobstructed view is like finding needle in haystack. Especially in crowded place like Causeway Bay. The closest I ever come across was the patio at SML Restaurant at Times Square.

Recommended by my colleagues, I ventured to the Pavilion, located at the 25th floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road. I was in for a pleasant, pleasant surprise.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

An unobstructed view, as far as the eye can see… well, at least across that body of water. Even at the peak of summer, there was a light breeze blowing around the entire place, thanks to its open concept design maximising on natural sunlight and wind.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

The interior decor was top notch, too. With a theme of wood and metal, the whole bar has a very zen feel to it. Seats are wide and comfortable, with tables sufficiently spaced out across the floor around water features like mini fountain.

It was hard not to relax while you are here.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

Deplorable, though, was its selection of drinks. Only Stella on the tap? At the very least, get Carlsberg or Heineken. The cocktails, according to my friends, were far from being perfect.

With such a great location and view, it is unfortunate the drinks were not on par. But I would return, simply to relax and wind down after a hard day at work.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong
25/F, Crowne Plaza Hotel
8 Leighton Road, Hong Kong

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