The One With La Perouse – An Empirical Pairing Of Food & Wine

La Perouse

La Perouse is more often associated with its outdoor balcony seating area – a spacious veranda overlooking the Central Police Station, with a relatively unblocked view of its surrounding. In case you are not familiar with Hong Kong real estate, if you are at a high rise, it is of every likelihood that you can look out of your window only to stare into another one of the opposite block.

So the space at La Perouse was definitely inviting. But it was into its indoor bar and lounge I went one night for a spot of Australian hospitality and great French food and boutique wine.

Grilled Baby Lamb Chops

La Perouse

Let me be upfront: I am a fan of lamb. Given a choice between chicken, beef, lamb and world peace, I will dither between the last two (I am not proud of it, I am only saying). There are many people out there who don’t fancy lamb, because of its characteristic taste. I, for one, love lamb exactly because of that distinct flavour.

At La Perouse, the baby lamb was grilled to my liking. Nicely done but not to the point of being rubbery, and yet undercooked enough for that raw taste. Served with pan fried potato slices and baby carrots, in a rich rosemary gravy and vinegar sauce, the lamb was juicy and retain a touch of charcoal. Perfection.

Kressman Bordeaux Chateau David

La Perouse

The red wine for the night was a Bordeaux. Chosen because of the red meat served, the wine brought up the contrasting flavour of the food (musky lamb, herby rosemary and sourish vinegar), magnifying its taste.

There were two “versions” of the red wine for tasting that night. One was left breathing in the room for close to three hours, and the other was open some thirty minutes before the dinner. How thoughtful of them! I found the latter to be the better option – it’s less tangy, taste smoother and has less of a bite often associated with red wine.

A word about the owner.

La Perouse

Simon Yuen grew up in Australia and has a strong penchant for wine, and hence La Perouse. To ensure the perfect food pairing for the night, Simon sat down with several food options for testing before the lamb was declared the winner.

It was an empirical pairing between the red wine and the lamb, no stab in the dark about it. And that is certainly comforting to know you are under the care of someone who really care about what is served in his restaurant.

Bonjour, mate!

Click here for more photos from the night.

Note: This is an invited tasting session, a sneak peak for Festival of Wine 2011

La Perouse Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
5/F Carfield Commercial Building
77 Wydnham Street, Central
2826 9269

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  1. Baby lamp and red wine. A deadly combination if I ever known one, and I mean that in a good way!

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