The One With Jo Jo Indian Buffet – Curry, Spices & Everything Nice

There are many things I missed about living in a multicultural country like Singapore and Malaysia. One of the things I missed most is its food. At the drop of a hat you could order Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western food all from the same food center.

So you could understand my enthusiasm when I saw the Groupon offer for an Indian buffer at Jo Jo Indian Cuisine. The mere thought of spiced rice and aromatic curries already make my mouth water. The tough part, however, was to distinguish one dish from another. I mean, how do you know what you are eating from an Indian buffet line?

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

At the start of the buffet I was paralysed with indecision. Do I take note of everything I eat, I thought, or do I threw caution to the wind? Then I saw my better half already devouring a particularly juicy piece of chicken (of unknown variety), so I ditched the food blogger persona and behaved like the hungry starving person that I was.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

What I could do, though, is to highlight to you, my beloved would-be diner, of the do’s and don’ts when you do the Indian buffet at Jojo’s.

Full list of buffet items (available only from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.) are at the end of this post.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Do come in group of more than two. If you come with your date (as I did with my better half), chances are you will be seated at the smaller tables for two located nearer to the entrance. Apart from the utter lack of privacy and a constant stream of distraction whenever customers walk through the door, that particular spot was also hot, hot, hot. The electric fan provided didn’t help. So come in group of four or more and ask for a nice table like those pictured above.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Don’t order beer to go with your food. I made this mistake before, and I never learned my lesson. Beer and spicy food do not mix well. I can’t tell exactly why, but for some reason half way through an Indian meal you will utterly bloated and can’t stomach any more of those delicious curry goodness in front of you. A waste, if you ask me. Stick with water.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Do order for naans. They are not on the menu, and I didn’t realise we were entitled to naans until the nice waiter asked if we wanted some. We ordered one plain naan and one butter naan (no point overindulging in plain carbs), and they were good. Fresh, served warm and went extremely well with curries. I know I am stating the obvious but I am worried you are a stranger to Indian food. That’s who I am, always the helpful, considerate food blogger.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Don’t pile your plates high. Not that you shouldn’t indulge the glutton in you (I ain’t one, just for the record, hah), but mixing the different type of Indian curries and dishes would have been a mistake. You should just have two, maximum three dishes on your plate, so that each individual flavour of the curry can be savoured in details.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Do not miss out the following: chicken tikka, butter chicken and fried okara. I choose to remember the names of the dishes which tasted especially good. The butter chicken was particularly sumptuous, I had not one but three helpings. Copious amount of poppadom too. Yum.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

Don’t be tempted by any group buying offer of $128 or more. The original price for this buffet is only HK$148, so the saving is not as much as you’d think. Walking in would be easier and less hassle than buying through Groupon.

Jojo Indian Buffet Dinner

My verdict? Definitely one of the better Indian food I have tried in Hong Kong, even better than those I had at Chungking Mansion, and that’s saying something. Worth a try.

List of Buffet Items

Starter: Green salad, aloo chat, raitha, veg samosa, veg pakkoda, grilled brocolli

Mains: Chicken tikka, lamb sheek kabab, chicken kali mireh, butter chicken, lam rogan josh, kadai chicken, mut pot cooked lamb, sag panner, aloo gobi, fried okara, dal makani, lamb briyani

Others: Pulloa rice, naan, olive naan

Dessert: Gulab jamun, halwa

Jo Jo Indian Cuisine
2/F David House
37-39 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
2527 3776 / 6201 5466

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