The One With Eric’s Kitchen – Grubs For The Surfer Dudes

What’s a beach without a great pub? There is just something about the air by the seaside which makes even the most disciplined person threw his diet to the wind (literally) and indulge in some pub grubs. When I went to Big Wave Bay recently for a birthday get together, I was determined to find some good western food by the sea. A search on Open Rice was not promising, so we went ahead to try our luck.

And lucky we were.

Eric’s Kitchen is the new reincarnation of the previous Blue Room (or something like that) occupying the same space, facing the entire beachfront. Terrifying waves, exhilarating wind… everything a surfer dude would love.

Eric's Kitchen

With a view like this, what is there not to like?

It’s self service here, so you head up to the counter to place your order (cash only, please). The menu was the usual suspects of a beach pub, so making the choice was easy.

My friend: Cheeseburger.

Me: Cheeseburger… with bacon.

See, that’s easy. The order will then be delivered to your table. Ours came some ten minutes later, which was fast considering the lunchtime crowd.

Eric's Kitchen

My basket of heavenly goodness. The buns were toasted to a perfect crispiness, with the beef patty oh-so-tasty and the cheese baked just right. Granted, the two pieces of bacon (the only difference between mine and my friend’s) seem a little “extra” at the top. The lettuce was fresh, and the fries? Crazily good, and I don’t mean in the refried-till-all-greased-out good. The mustard was surprisingly wasabi-like (which was to my liking).

The cheeseburger was at HK$75, ten bucks cheaper if you go for the baconless variety. Beer vary from HK$20 – HK$25.

A word about the place itself.

Eric's Kitchen

Eric’s Kitchen has a very casual layout, with some tables for 3/4 pax, and large benches for bigger group. Seatings are kinda limited, but you can always opt to take your food out to the beach.

Highly recommended. I can’t wait to be back (and this time get a proper tan!)

Eric’s Kitchen
Big Wave Bay Road, Shek O

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