The One With Bun Me – Vietnamese Bahn Mi Made Good

At the best of time I am not a fan of baguette. Or sandwiches. I view them as “diet food” – a replacement to better temptations when I need to cut down my food intake.

But as I walked out of gym one morning, I was positively light headed from the lack of sustenance to start my day. I looked up and saw Bun Me, a little deli-like shop serving a curious menu of baguette, Vietnamese style, more commonly known as bahn mi.

And so I walked in.

Bun Me

The place was empty at that time of the day, but the green wall provided a welcoming effect. The smiling and helpful staff, of course, helped. I also noticed that this place were reviewed in multiple magazines; the clippings were on the wall.

I dithered over the selection available and made up my mine for a set meal of daily chicken soup and Vietnamese beef in lemon grass baguette, for HK$45.

Bun Me

I have to admit I was disappointed in the food presentation. Served in disposable ware, it was positively canteen-like. But heck, a hungry man cannot be choosy, so I tucked in.

The soup, alas, was a disappointment. Chunks of chicken stewing in a MSG-laden broth. I could do it better myself.

But what they lack in the soup department, they made it up with their main dish.

Bun Me

I despise chewy buns and baguettes and what-nots with a vengeance. To me, chewy buns equals stale buns and if it is not fresh, for godsake don’t serve it.

That’s why I was positively in love with my Vietname beef baguette. The bun was springy and moist and almost danced in my mouth; I am only half exaggerating. Paired with the tender beer cooked with the almost-perfect amount of lemon grass and a healthy dose of pepper, the combination was bursting with flavours. A great start for the day.

Verdict? Ditch the soup, but mop of the buns. I will be back. The vermicelli looks promising.

(Note to would be diner: the half baguette and coffee breakfast set for HK$25 is unavailable on weekends).

Bun Me
Shop A, G/F, No 6 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
2581 0068

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