The One With Apple Store At IFC Mall

Any Apple fan boy worth his (i)Salt would have heard of the grand opening of Apple Store at IFC Mall, Hong Kong over the weekend.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Touted as the most expensive Apple store in the world (not by size, but its sheer rental price, I could imagine), the Apple store was a sight to behold.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Without the crowd, it would just be yet another store, striking as it was with its immense natural light and tastefully designed retail space occupying two floors of prime real estate in Hong Kong. But it was the party-like atmosphere with some 200+ Apple employees decked out in blue t-shirts (I heard some are even for sale on eBay) chattering and entertaining legions of diehard “Mac heads” and curious onlookers that made it the almost perfect shopping experience.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

There’s something for everyone, even the underaged.

To be honest, I am no true fan boy, but the geek in me was gagging to buy the irresistable 27″ iMac. It was all I could do to tear myself away from the festive atmosphere as everyone loosen their purse strings to satisfy their Apple cravings.

Apple Store @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Everyone must have been in heat; someone needed to wipe the condensation off the fully-powered airconds.

Talk about being turned on.

2 Thoughts on “The One With Apple Store At IFC Mall

  1. Razlan. You are too funny…. :)

  2. I know, I can be a hoot sometimes. Only sometimes ;)

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