The One With Being Active On Facebook

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post on ten things I would like to do before 2010 come to an end. It was perfectly by accident I came across that post recently, and it got me reflecting on my differing states of mind now and then. This is a series of blog posts examining my year-end resolutions.

In December 2010, one of my resolutions was:

Be more active on Facebook

I love Facebook more than Twitter. I can understand why that is a surprise to you, considering I am tweet more than I check my feeds. In general I prefer truths than lies, and like what they say; Twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers, and Facebook is where you tell lies to friends. I also believe that if I have nothing nice to say, I will not say it. But I also acknowledge that Facebook connects me more to friends, drives more traffic to this blog, and lets my mom know what I am up to when I am not picking up the phone. So while I don’t think I will tweet any less than I already, I am ready to read more on your Facebook updates, and that’s a promise. Just don’t Farmville me, please.

One year on, how much of that has changed? Not very much, I suppose.

My principle still stand that Facebook is the greatest people connector online ever invented. However, with quantity comes its nemesis – quality. People post the most mundane thing on Facebook.

I could appreciate that you went to Italy for a family holiday, but do you have to upload some 200+ photos in one album? I don’t have that much attention to view all of them.

I could also appreciate that you are angry with your boss; at the very least I will symphatise with a comment or two. But not when your last twenty updates are your rants about the pointy-haired one.

I could also appreciate you love Facebook games very much. But not when your entire profile page is filled with requests to add this or that to your restaurants, or pleas to help you find some obscure treasure on a deserted (fictional) island.

No, so I choose quality over quantity. I still update my Facebook on a daily basis; some photos (never hundreds of them), some status updates, some links to my blogs or other funny stuff I found. I read your updates every day too, but looking at “Top News” rather than “Most Recent”.

I do think I can connect to you better offline. So I will drop you a note to arrange for a meet up. No, not on Facebook Chat.

The biggest thing I have done on Facebook is to create (go on, laugh) a Facebook Fan Page for this blog. If you are a friend, or if you like reading this blog, go on and stroke my ego at You Got Me Blogging‘s Facebook page.

It means you need to click the “Like” button, yes.

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