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The One With Pavilion At Crowne Plaza Hotel – Best View Of Causeway Bay

In a packed city like Hong Kong, to find a high-rise bar with relatively unobstructed view is like finding needle in haystack. Especially in crowded place like Causeway Bay. The closest I ever come across was the patio at SML Restaurant at Times Square.

Recommended by my colleagues, I ventured to the Pavilion, located at the 25th floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road. I was in for a pleasant, pleasant surprise.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

An unobstructed view, as far as the eye can see… well, at least across that body of water. Even at the peak of summer, there was a light breeze blowing around the entire place, thanks to its open concept design maximising on natural sunlight and wind.

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