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The Month That Was August

As I sit here trying to think of a good opening sentence for this blog post, my mind is in a blur. So much has happened in the past month, I am not quite sure where to start, nor end.

But hey, isn’t every other month in one’s life, it is as such?

August has been a whirlwind of dining out and work woes. I said woes in the broadest sense of the word. Some woes are better than the other, and they are the cornerstones of success. I have spent so much time at work, jumping from one task list to another, launching project after project… at times, as I sit down for a meeting, my mind went, “Okay, what is this meeting about?”

Now that all my projects are up and running, I can take a breather.

August was also the month I tried new places for dinner. Armed with a stack of Groupons, I must have traveled the length of HK Island expecting new adventures.

Of adventures, I got it. But not necessarily of the kind I was looking forward to. Ah well, when it comes to food, you win some, you lose some.

So, August has not been entirely great, but it was also a month I realised some things have got to stop, some things need to be cherished more, and some things are better left to be. I like to think this wisdom has come with age, but it’s more likely that I have grown accustomed not to care as much.

The only thing which I cared more for are when three of my closest friends from Singapore came to Hong Kong. All three came within the same two weeks. Juggling between the desire to spend time with them, the demand of work, and the commitment to my better half, I felt like a Superman. In a good way.

Oh yes, it was in August that I took one of the biggest financial decisions I have ever made in my life. All things considered, it was the most responsible decision to make, but it also means prudent and frugal months ahead.

Of that, my friends, I seek your understanding. You will know what I mean.

I would like to end of this somewhat random blog post with a photo of something I truly proud of.

Cupcake Party

Yes, I made them.