The One With My Virgin Snow Experience Right Down Under

If you have been following my travel adventure, you would know how much I craved to see snow. I timed my various backpacking adventure to Europe right in the smack of winter hoping to have a snowy holiday but it never quite worked out as planned.

No, that little bit of a snow drizzle I saw at Prague doesn’t count. Nor that snow-covered landscape I saw but not touched during that train ride from Madrid to Barcelona.

So imagine my delight when, finally, after much planning without leaving much to chance, I got my first taste of snow in Australia!


That was at this place called Smiggin Holes, the first of some stops we made during our journey up to the ski resorts of Perisher. Did you know that unlike in movies, snow is actually hard, lumpy, wet and not at all all powdery?


Never mind that bit of disappointment; I was ready to jump onto any snow covered objects at the very first opportunity! Hmmm… that sounded vaguely dirty.


One of the things which people do at ski resorts is, of course, skiing. Alas during this trip I didn’t get the chance to ski. To be honest, those slopes did look rather terrifying. Even when a kid of ten zoomed pass me, I wasn’t that motivated to put my feet onto those two small strips of wood.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t get to slide down a snowy slope. We just did it differently.


Tobogganing! A bit of hard core snow action, yes? LOL. It was the coward man substitute for the real thing, but hey at least I got my ass onto that piece of plastic and went down the slope a couple of times. It was still terrifying, but I didn’t scream as much as I thought I would. Thank goodness for small mercy.

And so we spend most of our time in the next most popular snow activity.


Building a snowman! Now this was a dream come true. I had always wanted to build my own snowman, so with the abundance of snow available during our visit, we spent many happy hours building one, chatting and snacking all at the same time.

It was harder than I thought, all that snow rolling and packing and padding. But the end result – which we nicknamed snow tranny (you won’t want to know why) – was quite a sight to behold.


Our snowman was very popular on that day. Easily the best snowman built on Perisher that weekend.

The final thing I had really wanted to do with snow was to do a snow angel.


Do you have any idea how hard that is? With all those stone cold snow, all packed like ice, it was tough moving your arms and legs trying to make indentations onto the snow. I should know; I tried at least three times before giving up. It didn’t help that I wasn’t geared up for snow; after every attempt my ass was wet and cold.


Walking in the snow also requires quite some skills, especially if you are not wearing snow boots. You never know which part of the ground is densely packed with snow, and which part is just pretending to be. I remember spending some 20 minutes trying to walk a mere ten metres; my entire leg sank into the deceiving snow at every single step. Much to the amusement of a lady who laughed every time I stumbled. And took picture.

Now come to think of it, I don’t suppose anyone in my situation would take a coffee-and-doughnut break after every two steps. But hey, it was very tiring, okay!

All in all, a great first snow experience. But now that I am no longer a snow virgin, I won’t be that desperate to see snow anymore the next time I visit Europe.

Oh, I forgot about my Greenland plans.

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