The One With Too Much Food Blogging

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post on ten things I would like to do before 2010 come to an end. It was perfectly by accident I came across that post recently, and it got me reflecting on my differing states of mind now and then. This is a series of blog posts examining my year-end resolutions.

In December 2010, one of my resolutions was:

Stop food reviews, for now

I have more blog material scheduled in my calendar than actual blog posts. This points to two alarming facts: (1) That I am severely behind in my blogging effort, and (2) I eat out too much for my own good. Although I do fancy myself as a food blogger in training, this blog may lose its voice if I blog about food every other day. Hence from now till end of the year, I will stop blogging about food. Probably that will help with the eating orgy I have inadvertently indulged myself in.

So did my food blogging frenzy came to a stop?

Salmon tartare  (SML Restaurant)

Yes, it did.

For one reason or another, my blogging mojo on my passion for food came to an abrupt halt in the beginning of 2011. Perhaps it was this resolution I made. Perhaps I was distracted by my three-week backpacking trip to Europe. My dining adventure, it seemed, had decided to call it a day.


There was still a stream of blog posts before my Europe trip; after that it has been sporadic. No, I did not stop dining out. I just stop blogging about them. But I still take photos of my food. I still get excited on the prospect of eating at a new place. I am still wow-ed by new sensations on my tongue, even though they were totally foreign and not to my usual taste.

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

Then came along Groupon. It opened an entirely new world of dining places with great offers for me to try out new cuisines and new places. Chinese, Japanese, Indian… the selection seems endless and I really had to control what I am spending, and on where.

Black truffle prawn toast  (SML Restaurant)

Now that my blogging mojo is back (see my recent foodie blog posts), I am feeling… productive. Yes, this blog is still predominantly on food, but I’ll strike a balance. Perhaps two, maximum three food blog posts a week. My eating adventure continues.

To end this somewhat random post, let me remind all of you food blogger out there:

Be a food lover, not a food snob

Happy eating!

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