The One With Ten Years Of Harry Potter

I remember that moment vividly. It was in 2001. I was done with my working day (I was an attachment student then) and walked into a book store, carelessly picked up the third book of Harry Potter, wondering what was the fuss all about.

Fast forward ten years. Seven books, eight movies, countless hours spent rereading the entire series from the first to the last page, endless tears coursing down my cheek as scene after gripping scene tugged at my heartstring, the adventure ended.

How did it start from this…

Ten Years of Harry Potter

… and end with this?

Ten Years of Harry Potter

Harry Potter, no doubt, is the work of a master. Never had an author command such a diverse, loyal and enthusiastic fan base. I remember joining the queue of (much younger) fans outside the bookstore very early one morning to get my hand on the latest book by Rowling. I remember sitting down in the cafe of the very same bookstore to read, and less than one chapter in, I cried.

I was a whim like that. I loved the last book the best.

So you could excuse my lack of enthusiasm for the final movie, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. I imagined a magnificent wizard war, the epic battle between what is good and what is evil. I imagined a spectacular showdown between the Death Eaters and the Hogwartians, giants and trolls, centaurs and elves. I imagined a real bitch fight between Bellatrix and Molly.

I imagined a true end of Voldemort at the unerring wand of Harry Potter, under the watchful eyes of supporters and enemies alike.

Alas, I was disappointed. But I shall pay due to the heroic effort of the director, the cast, the scriptwriters, and the production crew for seeing through a ten-year journey worth remembering for generations.

Watching the movie for the second time didn’t make it any less exciting, but then again my glass had always been half full.

And if I can’t get enough of the magical world of Harry, there is always Pottermore.

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