The One With Sesame Rice Cake At Hunan Garden, Times Square

Okay, I am stumped. Serve me right for not taking photos of the menu, or making notes of what I am eating. Sometimes the food is just so good and unique that I had to blog about it.

Anyone knows what this dish is?

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

It is like some rice cake, only that it is deep fried and generously covered with sesame seeds, with pockets for you to stuff food in. Crunchy to the bite, delicious down to the last seed.

I’ll just call it sesame rice cake, shall I? LOL.

Oh, this was at Hunan Garden, located at Times Square, Causeway Bay. Ever since I discovered that AMEX card has a 50% off offer for all ala carte item here, I have made a couple of visits. Ever since the first time, I had this rice cake thingy, and they are consistently delicious.

The trick is this: You order these rice cakes, and a meat dish to go with it. Almost any dish will do. The best I had was some minced pork with gravy; that was the best combination I have tasted. Or like for this particular dinner, we tried it with stir fried tender beef with spring onion.

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

There are a couple of other notable dishes of which I forgot the name (I know, shame on me, novice food blogger!) – like this one and this one – but avoid this one at all cost.

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

Now this one I know what it is called in Cantonese; dan dan meen. Apparently those that come in cups (read: instant noodle) tasted better. Even for the non-fan like me can tell the taste was awful.

All in all, with service charge and such, the bill came up to be about HK$250+. A bargain when you consider a dining environment where you don’t have to accidentally-on-purpose overheard the conversation at the next table, or jostle for elbow space.

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

The food quality has always been consistently good the few times I was there… well, apart from that sorry excuse bowl of a noodle. Definitely recommended if you own that AMEX platinum card. Make use of your reward, yo!

Hunan Garden Restaurant 洞庭樓
Shop 1302, 13/F, Food Forum, Times Square
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
2506 9288

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