The One With Favorited Tweets

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post on ten things I would like to do before 2010 come to an end. It was perfectly by accident I came across that post recently, and it got me reflecting on my differing states of mind now and then. This is a series of blog posts examining my year-end resolutions.

In December 2010, one of my resolutions was:

Reviewing my favorited tweets

I’ll admit that my favorite time to read tweets is when I am on the throne. While the iPhone is very useful in situation such as this – and probably the only time I can multitask well – it is not optimised to read shared links on my feed. So I’ll put them under my favourite tweets list, hoping to read them when I get back to my desk. Alas, the said multitasking capability ceases the moment my ass moves away from the bowl, and so the list accumulates. So before the year ends, I will read those tweets, liking, commenting and sharing as I go. With clean hands.

I reread that resolution with quite a bit of a shudder. I realised I am still reading tweets on the throne. Now why is that habit so hard to kick? Thank goodness for the improved function of Echofon, I now usually load interesting links directly on my iPhone, or else mail the tweets to myself for later reading. The act of mailing requires more steps than just marking a tweet as favorite; as a result I am more choosy on what I read.

But that didn’t seem to make much of a difference from my favorited tweets. A few months on they are still on my to-read list! A selection of then:

The tweet by @mrbrown on that foot-in-mouth situation by @stcom. Truly a worthy screenshot to be kept for eternity.

The tweet by @simondumenco on how Huffington Post is sued by “modern day slave blogger” for some $105 million. Well, it isn’t slavery if it’s voluntary, is it?

The aye tweets from @alexlobov, @noodlesue and @weelingsoh for a Malaysian food gathering at Sabah Wanchai. Two weeks become two months become four… and yet I procrastinated. I shall be ashamed!

Well, what do I do now? I will unfavorite those read tweets, and act on those promises I made eons ago. It’s time to make good of my Twitter persona.

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