The One With Cubix, Fleming Hotel (Wan Chai)

One of the many perks about being on a social buying mailing list like Groupon and Twangoo is the endless restaurant deals, often at more than 50% off their normal price. At times I do wonder how these merchants make money, but I guess whatever possible losses they make from group buying ventures are consider customer acquisition cost; their objective is to get first time customers through the door.

Eh, where was I? I digressed. I blame that on job hazards.

And so I bought this super deal from Cubix restaurant from Groupon a few weeks ago, and managed to use the voucher last week.

Cubix is located at The Fleming Hotel, located along Fleming Road at Wan Chai. The hotel is surprisingly not easy to find; it is best you have the full address and Google map with you. The entrance to Cubix is also somewhat confusing. There is no direct entry from the hotel lobby. You need to get out of the hotel, down a side corridor to a wooden door that looked just like a wall.

The restaurant itself is small, and most of the available table has a full view of the kitchen door, which kept opening and closing during my visit. That was surprising because there were only two occupied tables at that time of the night, and a little more than annoying.

But the food, thankfully, more than made up to it.

Caesar Salad (HK$98)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

The salad was surprisingly well done. Served with Parma ham, the lettuce was crisp, the dressing just nice, the bread crouton crunchy to the bite. I am not fan of Caesar salad but this is recommended.

Salade de Foie Gras (HK148)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

Call me naive but I had never tried foie gras before. You too? Well it is actually pan-fried French duck liver. I heard of stories on how geese were force-fed fat to fatten them up and make their livers juicy, so I was a bit apprehensive in trying this dish. In my eyes, that is tantamount to sharks and shark fin.

But by the golly, was I in for a terrific surprise!

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

Each bite seems to melt in my mouth, leaving behind a delicious buttery after taste. I don’t know about how foie gras should taste like, but that was little bit of heaven on my tongue. It was so good that my partner and I took care in dividing that precious slab of foie gras so that each of us get an equal share, to be devoured slowly, in delight.

Pan-fried Fillet of Salmon served with Lemon Butter Sauce (HK$218)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

Considering the price tag, you would think this salmon dish will be on par with, if not better than, the foie gras. Alas, I was sorely disappointed. While the salmon was undeniably fresh, it was a tad too dry, and the lemon butter sauce (what’s little of it) didn’t help matter much. The accompany potato wedges were too salty and oddly spicy in places.

Really, sometimes you don’t get what you paid for.

Penne with Foie Gras, Chaterelles served with Port Wine Sauce (HK$168)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

To be honest I choose this dish because it has foie gras. The bits of it were equally as delicious and juicy as the appetizer, and the tender mushrooms and aromatic port wine sauce made it a satisfying main course.

Deep-fried Button Mushrooms Stuffed with Cheese (HK$98)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

The good thing about this main was that the mushroom were fried to a golden brown and stuffed with melted cheese so good, you would want to swallow them whole. The strange thing was that it came with an accompanying chilli sauce, the sweet and sour kind, which is very odd when it goes with cheese. We bypassed that sauce (even my partner, whom relish every kind of spicy stuff known to humankind) to devour these buttons of goodness the way it was intended to be – unsauced.

Chocolate & Walnut Brownies (HK$68)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

Probably because it was the end of such a sumptuous meal, the dessert of the day, chocolate and walnut brownie, failed to impress. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either.

I think I was overly-delighted by my virgin experience with the foie gras.

Together with a non-alcoholic drink each, the final bill would have come up to about HK$900+ for two. But with that Groupon deal, it was a mere $198, service charge included.

Now won’t you want to be on that Groupon mailing list?

The foie gras alone made it worthwhile for me to return to Cubix, but I may be shortcharging myself if I do not venture to other restaurants to sample the same dish.

Cubix, The Fleming Hotel
G/F, The Fleming, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai
3607 2011

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