The One With Captain America

I’ll not pretend that I am a fan of comic, especially not the Marvel. While my childhood friends starve themselves silly to save up their miserable stipends for shiny, glossy comic books, I was more contend with a full stomach and a hearty (read: thicker than average) library book.

So when my better half treated me to watch Captain America, I went with an open mind.

Captain America

At this point I bet you think I would say Captain America blown my mind (my style of writing is, if nothing else, a tad predictable). Only it did not, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the show. Who doesn’t enjoy a from-zero-to-hero tale of a Brooklyn boy whom, by a stroke of scientific genius, turned from a scrawny boy with a big heart to a shield-wielding super hero, still with the same big heart, only now with bigger muscles?

Two actors stole the lime light of the show. Hugo Weavings was unforgetable with his performance as the crazy maniac Johann Schmidt (aka Red Skull). I don’t know about you, but any actor who can put on a convincing foreign accent deserves my vote.

Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) can only be aptly described as inspiringly adorable. Or adorably inspiring, I can’t decide which. I am still amazed the cinematography to transform this one wallpaper of a skinny boy…

Captain America

… to this incredible hunk of a man!

Captain America

Like almost everyone else in the cinema, we waited patiently for the longggggg credit roll (some ten minutes of it, thanking everyone from the executive producer to the catering assistant) before a short trailer for the next sequel was screened.

I won’t do a spoiler here; let’s just say I am sufficiently excited for summer 2012.

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