The One With The Art Of Art Jamming

What is art jamming? It was touted as a group activity where you and your friends gather together in an art studio, pick a canvas, and start painting. Amidst the background music, chatter and (often) free flow drinks.

Art jamming is all that, but to me it was more.

Art Jamming @ Central

There is something about diving into painting whatever your heart desire, with no planning and no vision. You just let your imagination flow, your brushes stroke, your paints colour.

Art Jamming @ Central

In the hour or two I spent painting, I found some inner peace. A sense of tranquility of what the mind can do, and sense of pride of what my creativity can produce.

Definitely an activity you could consider doing with your date. I mean, how many time can you go to movies and for dinners with your boyfriends/girlfriends? Here are some places I have been to for some hours of art jamming fun:


Art Jamming @ Central

My first art jam, and my biggest piece of canvas, and definitely the most expensive. artJAMaLAMa has several branches – Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. I went to the Central branch last year; the atmosphere was buzzy, the staff dead helpful (if not too helpful) with their tips, and they have the largest range of canvas you can choose from.

artJAMaLAMa also provide you with proper art boxes to carry your art home, in case the paint didn’t dry in time. The range of paint was by far the largest, though they miss out one essential ingredient which I discovered in another place.

Worth the price? Probably, for the facilities and location. But head elsewhere if your wallet is ain’t deep enough.

123 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2541 8816

The Jameration

Art Jamming @ Jameration

I discovered The Jameration via a Groupon deal. The studio is located at Lai Chi Kok, at a nondescript building along an industrial street, so it can be a bitch to find (tip: The entrance is via a basement parking lot, up a ramp, to the really awful looking cargo lift bay).

But once you found the place, you can’t beat the cosiness the place brings. True, the place is kinda small and crammed with at least thirty canvas stands. But with that big a crowd, it felt like attending some strange party where everyone is unassuming and welcoming… though some of the painters can get too serious for their own good. Really.

Most importantly, they offer one thing which was a delight to use – glitter! LOL.

The Jameration
Unit 410, 4/F, Sun Cheong Building, 1 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
(852) 28366480
Website, Facebook

Aura Art

Art Jam @ Aura Arts

Aura Art was an introduction by a friend, without whom it would be impossible for me to get to. Located at the Thai Town of Kowloon City, it is one of those places that it will be impossible to find without an address. The place is tiny, at most fitting ten person.

Perhaps it was the size and the very affordable prices which made this place so charming. The excellent background music helped very much too, as well as the ever professional owner whom seem a bit dazzled he had customers that early when we visited.

Worth venturing into this path less traveled for a bit of unhurried art jamming.

Aura Art
1B, Wing Wing House, 52 South Wall Road, Kowloon City
(852) 2886 2359
Website, Facebook

So go on, don the apron and start painting. You might be surprised at yourself.

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