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The One With Fat Angelo’s – Italian Fare Gone Pricey

Fat Angelo’s at Elgin Street has always been my favorite. I blogged about the lack of quality in its Italian fare last year, but recommended the place nonetheless as a great place for gathering of friends. After a hiatus of some months, I returned with my better half as an introduction to some of my favorite haunts in Hong Kong.

To my surprise, everything and I do mean everything, has went up in price. Something that cost like HK$180 before is now HK$250. It took me by surprise; I had always associated Fat Angelo’s with reasonably priced Italian food. I hesitated in spending that much for a Friday dinner, but as it was the first time for my better half, I went ahead anyway.

Was I expecting better Italian fare this time round? I did.

Complimentary Bread & House Salad

Dinner @ Fat Angelo's

The bread was fresh and warm, as usual. I liked the bread stick to go with my salted butter and olive oil. I am easily satisfied like that.

Dinner @ Fat Angelo's

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The One With Favorited Tweets

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post on ten things I would like to do before 2010 come to an end. It was perfectly by accident I came across that post recently, and it got me reflecting on my differing states of mind now and then. This is a series of blog posts examining my year-end resolutions.

In December 2010, one of my resolutions was:

Reviewing my favorited tweets

I’ll admit that my favorite time to read tweets is when I am on the throne. While the iPhone is very useful in situation such as this – and probably the only time I can multitask well – it is not optimised to read shared links on my feed. So I’ll put them under my favourite tweets list, hoping to read them when I get back to my desk. Alas, the said multitasking capability ceases the moment my ass moves away from the bowl, and so the list accumulates. So before the year ends, I will read those tweets, liking, commenting and sharing as I go. With clean hands.

I reread that resolution with quite a bit of a shudder. I realised I am still reading tweets on the throne. Now why is that habit so hard to kick? Thank goodness for the improved function of Echofon, I now usually load interesting links directly on my iPhone, or else mail the tweets to myself for later reading. The act of mailing requires more steps than just marking a tweet as favorite; as a result I am more choosy on what I read.

But that didn’t seem to make much of a difference from my favorited tweets. A few months on they are still on my to-read list! A selection of then:

The tweet by @mrbrown on that foot-in-mouth situation by @stcom. Truly a worthy screenshot to be kept for eternity.

The tweet by @simondumenco on how Huffington Post is sued by “modern day slave blogger” for some $105 million. Well, it isn’t slavery if it’s voluntary, is it?

The aye tweets from @alexlobov, @noodlesue and @weelingsoh for a Malaysian food gathering at Sabah Wanchai. Two weeks become two months become four… and yet I procrastinated. I shall be ashamed!

Well, what do I do now? I will unfavorite those read tweets, and act on those promises I made eons ago. It’s time to make good of my Twitter persona.

The One With Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 & The Superstar Power That Was Jay Chou

It was feast for the senses.

I must be the last person you would expect to attend a rock concert. Next to my mother, I am the most pop culture ignorant you could find. I can tell the difference between Kenny Rogers and Frank Sinatra, but not of Kei$ha (huh?) and Bieber (huh?!). The whole experience was even more ironic since it was a Chinese rock concert.

But a free ticket is a free ticket. When I was asked to attend the Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011 at the Asia World Expo on a Saturday night, to be seated at prime seats (read: the most expensive ticket on sale), it took me only a minute to say yes.

Loud Festival Hong Kong 2011

See, I wasn’t even dress appropriately! But that didn’t stop me from appreciating in awe some of the best acts from the Chinese music industry.

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The One With Yeoh’s Bak Kut Teh – Authentic Malaysian Cuisine

I have been to Yeoh’s Bak Kut Teh for a couple of times now; I even recommended it as part of the itinerary for a foodie day in Sheung Wan (guest post on However the few visits after my first one was some rather disappointing affair. They were just not as good as my virgin experience.

Was I blinded by my thirst for something from home? Or am I missing something here?

Unwilling to write off Yeoh’s as yet another faux Malaysian-eatery wannabe, I returned for lunch one weekend with my better half. And boy was I glad I did! The food quality has improved by leaps and bounds, perhaps my best experience yet at this somewhat small restaurant.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane – I ordered the very same set of dishes like my first time.

Black Fungus with Wasabi

Lunch @ Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh

A strange combination, I know, but it works. The black fungus (or mook yee in Cantonese) was served cold but crisp. Dipped in wasabi with soy sauce, it was deliciously refreshing. Every piece is crunchy to the bite, you can’t help but wonder… who would have thought a cold dish is served as appetiser in a Malaysian restaurant like this?

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The One With My Virgin Snow Experience Right Down Under

If you have been following my travel adventure, you would know how much I craved to see snow. I timed my various backpacking adventure to Europe right in the smack of winter hoping to have a snowy holiday but it never quite worked out as planned.

No, that little bit of a snow drizzle I saw at Prague doesn’t count. Nor that snow-covered landscape I saw but not touched during that train ride from Madrid to Barcelona.

So imagine my delight when, finally, after much planning without leaving much to chance, I got my first taste of snow in Australia!


That was at this place called Smiggin Holes, the first of some stops we made during our journey up to the ski resorts of Perisher. Did you know that unlike in movies, snow is actually hard, lumpy, wet and not at all all powdery?

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The One With Home Feel Restaurant – Home-Styled Cooking At Its Best

Home Feel Restaurant, or more commonly known as “Juu Gaa Choy” (住家菜) gotta be my defacto restaurant to go to whenever I have out-of-town visitors. For one, it easily represents some of the best Chinese food in Hong Kong, in a Hong Kong styled restaurant (read: cramped, loud, but thankfully still clean), conveniently located at Causeway Bay.

I have been bringing my visitors to Home Feel for so many times that it didn’t occur to me I have never reviewed the food here. So one fine night I brought my better half along to sample some of my favourite dishes… well, as much as two person can devour in one night!

Daily Soup (Lei Tong) (HK$45)

Dinner at Home Feel Restaurant (住家菜), Causeway Bay

It is quite customary to begin a Chinese meal with soup. Daily soup at Home Feel varies from day to day, but to my experience is consistently of good quality. The soup is always refreshing, taste fresh and feels nourishing, as there was no MSG used, unlike many other Chinese restaurant. On the night visited, it was a mix of pork rib, white fungus and white carrot. Heavenly… a large pot can easily serve four, but my better half and I finished the entire pot, spoonful by spoonful throughout dinner.

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The One With Too Much Food Blogging

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post on ten things I would like to do before 2010 come to an end. It was perfectly by accident I came across that post recently, and it got me reflecting on my differing states of mind now and then. This is a series of blog posts examining my year-end resolutions.

In December 2010, one of my resolutions was:

Stop food reviews, for now

I have more blog material scheduled in my calendar than actual blog posts. This points to two alarming facts: (1) That I am severely behind in my blogging effort, and (2) I eat out too much for my own good. Although I do fancy myself as a food blogger in training, this blog may lose its voice if I blog about food every other day. Hence from now till end of the year, I will stop blogging about food. Probably that will help with the eating orgy I have inadvertently indulged myself in.

So did my food blogging frenzy came to a stop?

Salmon tartare  (SML Restaurant)

Yes, it did.

For one reason or another, my blogging mojo on my passion for food came to an abrupt halt in the beginning of 2011. Perhaps it was this resolution I made. Perhaps I was distracted by my three-week backpacking trip to Europe. My dining adventure, it seemed, had decided to call it a day.

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The One With Rocksalt At Stanley

It was a moment of madness.

Imagine this – it was traffic peak hours on Hong Kong Island on a Friday night. The road was packed bumper-to-bumper with weekend traffic, full of rat racers rushing to dinner, spa, movie and what-have-you appointments all over the city. The frantic activities as observed from the upper deck of a double decker bus almost nauseated me.

Yes, that’s where I was, that humid night, on my way into Stanley, where I am to have my seafood dinner at Rocksalt. Oh, the things you would do when you give in to the temptations of Groupons! The trick of doing all these dining deals is to book at least two weeks in advance, even for some place like Stanley.

So was the an hour peak traffic journey into the never never land worth it?

Situated along the main Stanley promenade on the southside of Hong Kong, Rocksalt’s large floor-to-ceiling windows provide magnificent unobstructed views of Stanley Bay and a welcomed escape from the bustle of Stanley Market. As we were shown to our seats, I can’t help but marvel at the sense of calm that came over me despite the hustle and bustle of the growing dinner crowd that evening.

Dinner at Rocksalt Stanley

For this Groupon deal, a set dinner for two, the selection was kinda set so we settled right in with additional drinks (a pint of Erdinger for me, yum).

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The One With Sugar At EAST

I had always wanted to visit this place. I was told that Sugar is to the media folks what Sevva is to the bankers. So one night when my friend and I were at loose ends, we took the road less traveled (that is, in the other direction of MTR line on HK Island) and found ourselves at Sugar.

Sugar @ East

Sugar lived up to its hype, and then some. The deck was beautifully built, overlooking the Victoria Harbour with an uninterrupted view right into Kowloon Bay. That beats Sevva’s anytime. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the humidity, there are some lounge indoor seats, but I seriously recommend the outdoor deck for a view to remember.

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The One With Shake ‘Em Buns – Great Burgers, Deplorable Service

When one thinks of burgers, the usual suspects come to mind. Burger King and McDonald’s took the lead of my very short list; even though burgers served at the commonplace char chan teng is usually pretty decent, I was always intrigued by unfamiliar sounding burger joints. Perhaps I was hungry for a truly American experience.

Enter the Groupon experience for a more-than-half-price burger deals at Shake ‘Em Buns, located along Wellington Street at Central.

Shake 'Em Buns

Let me get started with the food, ‘coz that’s easily the best – and only good – thing about this place.

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