The One With Kungfu Panda 2

Let me start by saying there is no spoiler ahead in this blog post.

Kungfu Panda 2

Well, not that much of a spoiler anyway. Disney tried-and-proven formula of the good guys winning over the bad guys worked time and time again, and Kungfu Panda 2 wasn’t an exception. There was more than a touch of Harry Potter to it. Fat Bo, the panda finally learned about the prophecy which led to him having a goose for a father and a showdown with an unlikely villain in the shape of an arrogant peacock.

Kungfu Panda 2

Together with the faithful five, Bo was so comical throughout that the moments of hilarity wasn’t short in supply. The 3D effect was stunning and one of the best I have seen so far.

On a side note… for this movie, I watched the movie in Cantonese, and with someone named Bo too.

And that’s why it was special.

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