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The One With Riquiqui Dessert Bar

Riquiqui Dessert Bar

There are many reasons why you will overspent at Riquiqui (pronounced, means tiny in French).

For one, there is no price listed on the menu. You can just the set of three desserts, which starts with…. something, and then some main course you choose from the board, and then ending with… something.

That’s how bad I am with dessert.

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The One With Bits & Pieces From Home

Gifts... from home

After being away for so long, there will be days when you think of home and couldn’t remember what it stands for. Luckily I have friends like Chris and Kenny whom, unknowingly, had unleashed a torrent of emotions in me with their little gifts from the country I no longer really call home.

There are tea bags from Sabah, Old Town white coffee (that’s actually cappuccino) from Ipoh, and the Petronas Twin Towers stickers.

And one of Kenny’s. The honey jar from New Zealand.

The One With Tandoori Chicken At The Delhi Club

Dinner At The Delhi Club

If there is only one dish you can afford to order at The Delhi Club, it has to be the tandoori chicken. Four visits later, it is still the best thing they have on the menu.

The One With A Summer Sunday At Stanley

Sights of Stanley

A summer Sunday at Stanley. SSS. That’s kinda cool.

Things Stanley is good for:

1) An impromptu short day trip on HK Island when the concrete jungle is too much but you are not quite that ready for the wilderness

2) Entertaining friends who have made enough trips to HK that revolved only around places like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay

3) Reminding yourself that, yes, life can be good even when your mind is filled with what-am-I-doings and what-could-have-beens

There are only that few life blues which calming sea breeze, a cold pint of beer and the company of an old friend couldn’t cure.

The One With BBQ Day Out At Shek O Beach

Hello there! It has been ages since I last blogged. Did you miss me? I sure do miss blogging. I keep thinking that I have lost my blogging mojo… and how do you get it back? Why, just by starting to write again, of course.

I have been busy with life. So much has happened, and I scarcely had the time to blog about them. But everything can start somewhere, no? So let me start with a typical HK outing which I did just last Sunday – a barbeque (BBQ) day out at Shek O beach.

Summer Sunday At Shek O Beach

Despite the gloomy weather and less-than-encouraging weather forecast, my friends and I decided to try our luck and went ahead with our plans to have a BBQ day out at Shek O beach.

It was proven to be a great decision.

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