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The premise of Kachingle was to support sites you love with social cents. As cliche as it may sound, that is exactly what it does.

Here’s how it works:
– You pay US$5 per month to Kachingle
– Every time you visit a site with a Kachingle badge (like this blog), you can choose to “Kachingle” the blog, or not
– Do this for every Kachingle-d sites, blogs and apps you enjoy
– At the end of every month, a big part of your US$5 is distributed to those sites you Kachingle-d
– The more visits you pay to the site, the more money it’ll get

That’s the money part, and it is a refreshing business model for publishers. Instead of being tied in to a monthly subscription to every other site, or being pestered by endless pop-up ads, you spend a fixed amount on content you enjoy.

Now to the social part:
– For every Kachingle-d site, you get to see who had done the same as you, and how much
– And for every Kachingler, you get to see what sites they like and Kachingle-d

I particularly liked the notion on social signals.

Here’s an analogy: If you see a busker on the street, you are more likely to contribute if there were others before you doing so.

The same for blog posts; if your (Facebook) friends had Like-d the post, there is a higher chance you’ll Like the post too.

The same for tweets; if your (Twitter) friends had retweeted a tweet, there is a higher chance you’ll retweet it, too.

That is the premise of social cents and social signals.

Here are some of the people I would love to Kachingle:
Mimi Smartypants: Funny, oh so funny. Mimi Smartypants is the real Bridget Jones
Jason Hahn: I have been reading him for ages, and am still loving Saffy & Amanda
Tom Eats, Jen Cooks: Lovely foodie writings and delicious photos
Pat Law: Social media rockstar. Like honey on a sharpened blade. Need I say more?
Dennis Lim: The master of home-brewed remixes. Not for the fainthearted

As of any social venture, the power of it lies in the people. The more people join Kachingle (as owners or donors), the more fun it becomes, and the more useful.

So if you are like me – love digital content and want to do your part to keep self publishers like yours truly flourish – do your part. Join Kachingle and Kachingle me today.

The Flashpacker In Me

I may be well on my way to my next adventure, and I promise I will blog all about them!

3 Thoughts on “The One With Kachingle My Blog

  1. What? You are travelling again???
    Hey man… don;t you have a full-time job?!
    But anyway, Kachingle is interesting. When Reg blogged about it I didn’t expect that soon someone in our office would really use it! Haha

  2. @ Yolanda – Haha, yes I always plan my travel months in advance. However my next one is not for holiday. Some… family affair. Wouldn’t you Kachingle my blog? ;)

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