The One With Chinese New Year Family Dinner

When it comes to festive season feast, few can beat the Chinese. The vast variety, the ultra importance and the sheer cholesterol made it almost the whole point for families to travel thousand of miles to exchange pleasantries and “ang pow” (money in red packets) before the real event.

To welcome the (5th day of) Lunar New Year, allow me to continue with my series of food porn… this time focusing on Chinese New Year food in Hong Kong.

Starting the night with a glass of champagne.

HK Family CNY Dinner

Soup, glorious herbal soup. I had at least three helpings.

HK Family CNY Dinner

“Poon choi”, or “tray of vegetable” is a tradition in Hong Kong. This huge bowl of awesomeness consists of goodies like oysters, scallops, mushrooms, fish maws, chickens, beancurds… ok I am hungry again as I type this.

HK Family CNY Dinner

Roast piglet. Among the nine of us I think we finish 3/4 of the pig. It was crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and fat-laden on every side. Good till the last cholesterol.

HK Family CNY Dinner

The said slices of porky goodness.

HK Family CNY Dinner

Round off the night with a slice of longevity bun. This is the first time I have one with an egg yolk.

HK Family CNY Dinner

Being thousands of miles away from my real family, some times I do dread festival like this. The fear of being alone is never far from my mind, so this year I am away from Hong Kong on a holiday during Chinese New Year.

But my close friends here, whom are like a family to me, decided to bring forward our “family reunion dinner” to almost three weeks in advance so that I can be a part of the celebration.

HK Family CNY Dinner

I was beyond touched. For that, my dear friends, I thank you.

2 Thoughts on “The One With Chinese New Year Family Dinner

  1. Same here as well :) We had our own friendly reunion a few days before the day itself!

  2. Hey, contact me when you’re back.

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